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As Jobs has publicly stated that the Kindle is a piece of crap and people "don't read books anymore" - I predict this is the Apple iKindle.
Can you put a car charger on that wish list also? I'm not using any of the iPod ones until they're officially sanctioned because my first iPhone got fried by a Belkin car charger.EDIT: I guess Griffin Powerjolt now has an "iPhone" official stamp of approval on it. I'm still nervous though!
The 12.0.1 update actually helped a lot with the slowness of the first release of Office 2008, hopefully SP1 will continue that trend.
Only Microsoft would release a press release saying Office 2008 SP1 is released before its actually released. WTF? Did they not expect that people might think such a press release might actually mean that the patch was downloadable now?
No, that is part of the camera housing, its present on the current iPhone too, and is not caused by drilling into the aluminium.
There's no QT for linux though is there? There is Flash though. Also what about stuff like the Wii, the PS3 etc, you can't "install" QT on them, but they come with Flash because Flash is a "standard" for web browsing.
To be fair, the Blackberry's main use is push email, which you don't need 3G for.
Yes, but with the mini you are not just paying for a low end machine, you're paying for the form factor. How much would a PC with the same form factor and specs as a $599 Mac mini cost?
Its not just students, its faculty too. In my department we've gone in 4 years from being Windows/Linux based to almost 100% Mac for all new computer purchases. The Mac is becoming the defacto research machine in my field (astrophysics) and when I go to conferences well over 50% of laptops I see are Apple. Which makes Apple's f***ing up of X11 in Leopard all the more annoying.
I don't get this. How about Symbian, Windows Mobile, Palm and Blackberry handsets? They all have 3G capable handsets and have done for years, but suddenly the availability of Android is the thing that will push Apple to use 3G?
New Posts  All Forums: