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Stop it please, my sides are splitting! The BBC a propaganda machine for the UK government! Love it. Especially after they kept replaying that quote from Parliament yesterday where the Lib leader compares Gordon Brown to Mr Bean. Yep, they're the Fox News of the Labour party! Personally I think the BBC's "anti-Apple" stance is really a reflection of the country as a whole. Face facts, apart from the iPod Britain isn't a very "pro-Apple" place, especially compared to the...
What where they thinking making the formula bar float like that? Can you not dock it into the main window like you showed in your Word 2008 preview?
WordArt has been around for years too. I seem to remember it from using Word on a Windows 3.0 machine back when I was in school (so around 1990-1992). Its not a new feature for Office 2008!
People who constantly bring up the McDonald' coffee burns incident need to read this page: http://www.lectlaw.com/files/cur78.htm
I wish I knew you could get Sun or SGI workstations so cheap in the early 90s. All of the ones I worked on cost tens of thousands!
Actually both forms are correct (except its spelled Argentinian). Look it up in your Apple dictionary if you don't believe me.
Of course! Actually in my case buying 2 single user packs would be cheaper, because my University computer store sells Leopard for $69.
I believe that OS X is licensed per computer, not user. If it were "per user" you would presumably need to buy the family pack for a single Mac used by 5 different people who live in the same house, I don't believe this is true. Apple confuse things by calling Leopard licenses "Single User", when I believe what they really mean is "Single Machine", as you can see by this text from the Apple Store page: "Choose a single-user license for home or office. Or if you have more...
I believe so, although I have not used Leopard yet to see how this works, but what I read online implies that going to the Users Preference Pane and right clicking on a user will allow you to edit the "Advanced" stuff. What I don't know right now is where Leopard actually stores this information. It used to be in NetInfo, is it now in a standard text file or something else?
OK, ignore my last speculative post. Apparently in Leopard the Accounts Preference pane allows you to edit user info (like shell, UID, GID etc).
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