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Used iPhones fetch a high price on eBay. I've sold 3 of them and they all netted me $250-$350, so based on this I think many of them remain in circulation. I don't know about Android phones, but I'm willing to bet their resale value isn't as high at least.
See the post above where I point out that I own a TouchPad! Seriously though, you'd be a fool to believe that Google won't end up leveraging more than Motorola's patents. They're in the hardware business now.
Sure, just wait until the Motorola Mobility buy-out is approved. Despite Google's insistence of "we're going to run Motorola like a separate company", does anyone really believe that its Mobile phones won't have an edge over other companies Android phones, much like the current Nexus branded phones do right now, and that eventually Motorola Mobility will disappear into Google. Sure they might put up this pretense to start with, but eventually they're going to realize that...
MS's strategy is different from Google and Apple's. WP7 is for Phones (hence the name Windows Phone 7), Windows 8 is for PCs and Tablets. Hey at least it's not as confusing as Google's OS strategy (what's ChromeOS for again?)
Apparently my one word reply is too short, so I'm adding this as padding, but in a word: Yes.
Well, I webOS does have a really nice email client! Seriously though, it makes no sense for RIM at all. But it does has a client for box.net, which also gives you a free 50Gb online storage.
For the record H-P never stated they were scrapping webOS software, only webOS hardware, so the article as written is inaccurate. They have always stated that they planned to continue supporting the OS. Whether they live up to this promise is another question of course, especially as H-P seem to be on a path to self-destruction right now.
O RLY?http://daringfireball.net/linked/201...etime-standard
So are we listening to what Shaw Wu has to say now then?
The Queen's role here, much like everything else she does, is entirely ceremonial. The list of those to be knighted are picked by the government, and handed to the Queen to dole out. She doesn't pick them herself.
New Posts  All Forums: