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Running my Mac Mini on a 1680x1050 display only seems to take away 19Mb of system RAM, if you believe what Activity Monitor reports as the total system RAM. Given that the new iBook is going to be much lower resolution than that, and isn't built for 3D games, i think there's no reason not to use the Intel chip in the iBook.
Unfortunately Intel has closed the beta program for those compilers right now, which is a shame because I really wanted to get hold of their Fortran compiler to see if it could help my g77 woes (Intel Macs lack a working version of the g77 compiler, which most software in my research field is compiled with).
An alternative theory on the Mini's could be that Apple are investigating the mounting reports of bad Airport reception with Minis and this is hold back new shipments. That said, my Mini turns up tomorrow, hopefully with a working Airport.
In other news, I'm predicting an Apple Tablet won't arrive until sometime in early 200B.
How odd. They still offer it for education buyers (personal and institutional), so perhaps this is a bug in the Apple store? Hard to imagine why they wouldn't sell Applecare for them, even if they were going to end of line the G5.
The US system is better because it allows you to purchase from an out of state vendor and avoid paying any tax! Of course, you're **supposed** to pay that tax you avoided when you pay your taxes, but nobody does it.
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