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I've been using Office 2011 (note not Outlook as I use Mail.app for email) for about 3 weeks, got it early due to my employer (a large University) having a site-license agreement with Microsoft that allows me to download it from a website onto my work computer. Basically this is the best point-oh version of Office ever, streets ahead of the basket case that was Office 2008 when it first came out. It's better than 2008 in almost every way, faster, easier to use, more...
So impatient and demanding!
This already exists where appropriate (vectors are not the be-all-and-end-all, sometimes its better just to use high resolution bitmaps and scale them), resolution independence has been in Mac OS X for years (although never a public facing part of the OS). You can see it in full effect however on iOS, when you zoom in on a MobileSafari web page, and all the web page widgets and fonts scale up smoothly.
Actually its the opposite. Intuit now point you towards mint.com instead of their own QuickenOnline, so I think their plan is to move to mint.com, and probably phase out QuickenOnline.
Click to Flash also does substitution of Flash with QuickTime for some cases as well, so its not just a flash blocker. And yes, some things need flash, sad as that is, and I'd rather filter on those selectively than have all Flash load automatically and bog down my CPU.
I very much agree with this, even though I got 2 iMacs at work, and both had the flickering issue. 2 I can write off as "very bad luck". If I got 3 bad ones I would be making a strong statistical argument that this problem is very widespread. FYI: The firmware update fixed at least one of these iMacs.
A fine idea, but with both of the 27' iMacs we have that show the issue, it doesn't start happening until you've been using the machine for at least 30 mins (which would suggest a heat issue to me).
Would you really consider the new iMacs to be a first generation product though? Sure, they're the first 27' ones I guess.
I await the fix with bated breath. We have 2 Core i7 27' iMacs at work here, and both have the flickering/screen corruption issue. No yellow tinge luckily.
Did you not read the article? Those will not work.
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