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They have.
For fucks sake, Mossberg is one of Apple's biggest fans in print. Perhaps he gave Windows 7 a good review because its actually good? Posts like yours give websites like this a bad name.
Stop lumping GV and Skype together, they are completely different. GV uses barely any data (voicemail, SMS and initiating calls only), and calls made with GV use your AT&T minutes.
Snow Leopard dropped support for a 15 year old printer?
One wonders if Sprint's solution is to have crappier phones and less customers, and therefore have less problems. The iPhone has certainly shown AT&T's issues, but I remain to be convinced that if it were on Sprint or Verizon it wouldn't have performed a similar hatchet job on their reputations. There's no other phone out right now that generates the sort of network traffic the iPhone does, especially amongst Verizon's line up of crippled junk.
Remember this is Windows Mobile 6.5 and 7 we're talking about, not 1.0. Microsoft has been in the Phone business for years, since around 2002, and hasn't managed to make anything like the impact is made with Windows back in the 80s. In fact, Apple came along after Microsoft had been "innovating" in the Phone OS market, and blew it away with a 1.0 release, and continues to be very many steps ahead in both sales and functionality. This is however an OS that could fit the...
Compatibility. OpenOffice/iWork aren't there yet. That said, I use Keynote exclusively as it is genuinely better than Powerpoint (not just "Apple fanboy" better, like Pages, which clearly isn't better than Word).
It was only ever up-to-date disks that checked for a previous OS version before. I imagine SL up-to-date disks will do the same as the Leopard and Tiger up-to-date disks did (I have both).
I'm no tech writer, but I'm pretty pissed off with the Google Voice thing. I speak as a Google Voice user who purchased GV Mobile from the App Store, and now will not be getting any of the promised upgrades to the software because Apple pulled it. I guess in your world Apple shouldn't care about tech savvy users like me, and only care about the majority of non-moaners. Still I personally have been responsible to turning a lot of people into Mac users, both in my personal...
Office 2010? Is this the first this has been announced, I thought we only got Office updates every 4 years?
New Posts  All Forums: