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Is that why GM went bankrupt and needed to be bailed out by the US Gov then?
Well I'm sure if you pointlessly bitch about it on Apple forums some more, you'll get it sooner.
The auto-authentication is great, as a regular traveller I often found myself having to negotiate AT&T's stupid "type in your phone number, click on this text message" authentication scheme. On my most recent trip I didn't even notice the transistion from 3G to WiFi at Dulles Airport! Very nice, and one of my favorite things about iPhone 3.0, along with the fact that it now brings up a webpage overlay to authenticate WiFi if you're at a Hotel or somewhere where a password...
The fact is also that "GV Mobile" doesn't do anything that Google Voice's mobile Web Page can't do, its just more elegant. Barring these apps won't stop Google Voice being used on the iPhone. This is quite simply one of the most ridiculous decisions Apple has ever made. I don't care who is "behind it" (i.e. those on Apple forums who are quick to blame AT&T) Apple have the final say on the app store, not AT&T.
Along these lines, is there any hope of getting the iPhone to make some sort of audible and vibrational notification of when the battery is low? I'm on call often and not realizing that my phone has turned it self off due to low battery is a real pain in the ass.
What's the reasoning behind not supporting MMS on original iPhones? As a decision it seems arbitrary at best, given that my 2 year old phone I owned before I got my original iPhone 2 years ago supported it, its hard to believe that the original iPhone doesn't have the grunt to support such a simple feature.
Gmail works fine for me in Safari 4.
Seems pretty snappy and nice. However it does break GrowlMail quite badly: Every time I get a new email now Mail crashes. Removing GrowlMail fixes it right up.
You're not wrong, but the difference is that USA cell phones have local numbers, so people calling your cell phone from a regular phone don't pay an arm and a leg for it, unlike in the UK where cell phones have special high rate numbers. In essence the cost of calling a cell phone is put on the cell phone owner rather than the person initiating the call. We also tend to get more included minutes in our plans than people in the UK, from what I've seen, although I may be...
The solution is not to offer tiered data plans, it is to lower the cost of ridiculously expensive cellphone, data and text messaging plans.
New Posts  All Forums: