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The real question is whether these cables support audio over HDMI. If not, then why not just use a displayport->DVI adapter with a cheap monoprice DVI->HDMI cable? Or does that not support HDCP?
Why doesn't that make sense? A higher density screen on the iPhone would make it look amazing.
I highly doubt Apple would jump on the CableCard bandwagon, just as its going out of fashion. Its a pain in the ass for consumers for one thing, and a huge support nightmare trying to get your jackass local cable company to set it up (I spent about 2 weeks trying to get my HD Tivo set up with Comcast, who just couldn't figure it out). With Tru2way coming, I might expect Apple to go for that, but most likely Steve Jobs and co see the whole concept of broadcast TV as...
Its Transparent Aluminum I'm holding out for.Its never coming, get over it. Clearly there's no technical reason why it couldn't have been in iPhone 1.0, let alone 3.0, so I think we can safely say that the iPhone will never have MMS. Would be nice I admit! would be nice, but its not going to happen. The former would be nice, the latter I don't want. Most of what is done in flash can be done in CSS/Javascript/HTML. Video is the one exception, but I'd prefer Apple push for...
A pretty nice upgrade really, especially if you don't care about the case and want Firewire. I just wish Apple would hurry up and give the Mac mini the same treatment.
If you look at this chart, which shows sales from launch date, PS3 is selling slightly more than the Xbox360 was at a similar point in its lifespan. That said, I doubt the PS3 will ever sell more than the Xbox 360, personally, and I speak as a PS3 owner.http://vgchartz.com/hwlaunch.php
No, Sprint is CDMA. You're thinking of Nextel, which OK, Sprint bought, but I doubt this phone will be a iDen phone. Most likely Palm will be able to release a version of the Pre for Verizon.
iBank is fine for what it is, and I'll admit that I use version 2 for my finances, but it lacks some major features that would be very easy to implement. For example, I think people have just about given up asking for a feature that allows you to track your net worth over time. Maybe they added the feature, I should check, but last time I tried iBank 3 couldn't import me iBank 2 file, and nobody could help me at IGG.
Yippee, another program than inappropriately uses CoverFlow!
That world doesn't exist luckily, mainly because patents generally cover methods to do things, not products. There are usually many ways of doing something. I personally would hate to live in a world where an innovative idea can be ripped off by a larger company with no recourse. People bitching about "patent trolls" here need to keep that in mind. Also the fact that Apple hired 3 people from the company to work on a competing product doesn't look good IMHO.
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