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Right. Clearly it would be in Apple's financial interest to withdraw from a large market such as France. Good business sense there (s)parky.
Apart from Visual Voicemail, what exactly have AT&T done that is so "integrated" with the iPhone? Do you really think that T-Mobile couldn't replicate that if they were allowed to sell the iPhone on their network in the USA? (I'm not going to bother mentioning Verizon and Sprint, lets assume for now that Apple don't want to bother making a non-GSM iPhone, which is pretty reasonable assumption giving the limited market for CDMA). AT&T exclusivity makes sense to Apple...
Not going to happen, because:#1 OSX on anything would be a support nightmare.#2 Despite what you think, it would cut into sales. I currently buy Macs, but if they released a OSX on anything box, I most certainly would build my next Mac, and that is lost profit at Apple.
And iWork, surely?
I have a Mac at home that started of at Jaguar (10.2) and is now running Leopard (10.5). Imagine how many people would be pissed off if a Mac they bought today couldn't run 10.7?
This might be difficult being as Apple haven't been including a TPM chip on any Intel Macs since the original ones.
This is my concern also. If Apple can't legally stop stuff like this then they're simply going to have to crack down on the distribution of Mac OS X. Right now they are only protected by the EULA on boxed copies of Leopard, and who knows if that will stand up to a legal challenge? In the future I'm guessing we'll be seeing Apple being much more controlling over the distribution of Mac OS X updates, so that people can't use the "loophole" of being able to buy a boxed copy...
That is only true because the DVD CSS encryption was hacked long ago, and DVD players are cheap. When DVDs first came out I was a Linux user, and even though I had a DVD drive in my computer, I couldn't watch DVDs on it because of the encryption. DVDs definitely attempt to limit who can play them, its just that their efforts were long ago foiled.
I think that ship has sailed a long time ago.
Nope, its just coincidence, as the development of the next major release happens in parallel to bug fixes to the current one. There's nothing magical about getting to a 10.x.9. For example, Jaguar only got to 10.2.8, and Puma to 10.1.5. Snow Leopard will be released when its ready, not based on whether Leopard has got to 10.5.9.
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