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There's no logic at all in this statement. Whatever version of Leopard has been seeded to developers has no relevance to the status of Snow Leopard. I would expect to see Snow Leopard demonstrated publicly for the first time at MWSF, with a big follow on at the WWDC, but probably not released until at least the Fall of 2009. However I'll be the first to admit that's a pure guess, which is all one can do right now.
But isn't that exactly what the $29 adapters from Apple do? Its hard to imagine they do any other kinds of trickery without costing a lot more. At the very least I find it hard to believe that a $29 adapter from Apple is converting the digital DP output into analogue VGA, it makes a lot more sense that Apple would do this inside the MacBook and just have VGA on one of the pin-outs like DVI does.
You misread what they said: the compatibility is not both ways. DisplayPort can drive a DVI/VGA monitor, but a DVI/VGA port cannot without a very expensive converter (i.e. a lot more than the $29 adapters Apple sells) drive a DisplayPort only monitor like Apple's new Cinema display. This is why it is only compatible with the new laptops.
Looks good for a 1.0 device. Hopefully the competition between Apple and Google will lead to good things, and the long needed death of Windows Mobile.
I was thinking the same thing, with that tiny MacBook logic board, you can imagine them using it in a 10" screen mini-laptop quite easily. A huge amount of space inside the MacBook is taken up by the Superdrive, something that I could quite easily do without to be honest. Here's hoping.
Its not "pot stirring" to say you can't run this monitor off a DVI/VGA output. Its facts based on the technical specs of DisplayPort (which another poster above gave in detail) and the very simple fact that if the monitor could work with older machines, why wouldn't Apple at least sell an adapter for $29 like they do for laptops?
kaiser_soze: Yes we get the point, stop posting the same rant over and over.
To be fair they did actually drop the price of the MacBook to $999 from $1099 and included a Superdrive as standard (about time, it was embarrassing to still have combo-drives in the low end laptops). So in actual fact, MacBooks got cheaper today.
You don't need it though because the MacBook Pro has Firewire 800.
Yeah, but in the past the pound was worth more dollars than it is today. The dollar-pound rate changes, you can't expect Apple to change their prices daily to always match the current exchange rate.
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