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FYI: Backlit keys are still a "Pro" feature only. EDIT: OK, so now the store is up it appears I'm wrong, sorry. It doesn't list backlit keyboard on the Tech Specs page, but does on the Apple store when you try to purchase one.
The MacBook doesn't have an ExpressCard slot.
I think you're confused. The Mac mini in the UK store is £339.57 ex VAT, that today is $594. So right now the Mac mini in the UK store is approximately the same price as in the US store ($5 cheaper). Where you're getting this $350 from I can't say. $115 it is, and I believe you can probably explain that by the fluctuations in the value of the pound an dollar, after all a few months ago the pound was $2. Now it is $1.75. This is probably why the new machines are slightly...
To be fair, when I plug my laptop into an external monitor, I usually have the lid closed, so speakers and an iSight are welcome additions in that configuration.
What an odd decision to make this only work with the new laptops. I guess we can expect displayport capable Mac Pros sometime soon?
What? The difference is actually more like $115. How are you getting that $350? I assume you're forgetting that the UK price includes 17.5% VAT and the US price does not include sales tax (which gets added on at check out).
I'm waiting for the the inevitable disappointed "why no new iMacs/Mac Pros/Monitors/Snow Leopard announcements?" after the "Spotlight Turns to Notebooks" press conference.
Rumors like this are toxic, because everyone is going to decry Apple when it inevitably doesn't arrive, all because of the built up expectation from a rumor that probably has no basis, and now Apple is going to look like the bad guy when fancy new MacBooks are released tomorrow at the same price point as before.
Well Iron Man just sold 500,000 on Blu-Ray, how many of those are going to be watched on PS3s do you think? My primary argument was that Blu-Ray is not a "videophile niche", although I wouldn't argue that its a small part of the market right now. "Videophile niche" makes it sound like something no non-videophile would bother with which is simply not true, not compared to the niche products like DVD-A in the Audiophile market are, for example.
Sorry but that is pure crap statement, mainly because of the existance of the PS3, which has sales numbers in the millions and are not a "videophile niche".
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