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  4 x 0 = ??
Actually, the solution is simple: swap out the lightning connector for another 30-pin connector and include a lightning adapter for it. http://store.apple.com/us/product/MD823ZM/A/lightning-to-30-pin-adapter?fnode=45
That's not too impressive ... unless you have a flux capacitor ;)   Wait, a fusion drive with a flux capacitor? Where have I seen that before?
Curious that Corel doesn't own this patent since it acquired Quattro Pro, which is still a shipping product.
I waited until the last minute to migrate to iCloud because I don't plan on upgrading my iPhone 3G until the next version comes out this September or October.  These instructions were helpful in getting my iPhone 3G to sync with iCloud. http://macmanusnl.wordpress.com/2012/02/20/icloud-and-the-officially-unsupported-iphone-3g-sync-works/   I can't upgrade to Lion because my Intel MacMini is not a Core 2 machine. I tried to get Snow Leopard's Address Book to sync with...
I thought that the next step after 4G-LTE was 4G-LTE-Advanced, which was supposed to be all packet switched for everything. If so, I thought that meant everything was data-only.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/4GSo AT&T is now saying they are terrified of data-only plans, inferring that they will only support 4G-LTE-Advanced (not to mention tethering) dragging their heels and kicking and screaming all the way--until they get a new CEO that sees things differently. If true 4G...
My situation exactly. I think it was a mistake to exclude the Core Duo processors from the Mac OS 10.7 update.
So this means that anyone can do anything to your hardware via software, and as long as they don't charge you for it, they are not responsible for loss of functionality. By that same reasoning, no one can sue anybody that makes a virus or Trojan house, because A. They didn't charge you for it, and B. You chose to download it, even though you may have done so unwittingly, or had been enticed to by the claimed benefits. Nice⸮
In the beginning (or near it) the FCC restricted cell phone operators to 2 carriers in most markets to ensure competition but also foster growth. It wasn't long before their own studies indicated that no real competition existed in a given market until at least 3 carriers were present. This deal has the potential to effectively put Sprint out of business, leaving only Verizon and AT&T. I hope the FCC won't forget that lesson they learned. Just look at current pricing for...
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