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And technically written Cherokee is not an alphabet but a syllabary, but most people don't know the difference.
I agree, as evidenced by how incredibly delusional Apple's stock price is today compared to what it was in 2001.I think you are confusing the iPhone with the Microsoft KIN.
I thin he meant the Fisher-Price/pipe-cleaner style fo the "W X P O" of the logos. The underling message: Macs are mere toys -- not for serious work.
Trick-or-treat? (Sorry it was just too good of a set-up to pass up.)
That was Linux Wordperfect 9.0. Linux WordPerfect 8.0 and 8.1 were native Linux versions. If I have to use emulation, I'll use latest Windows WordPerfect version with Parallels or VM Fusion. My interest in the Linux version was due to Linux and Mac OS X being POSIX compliant, in the hopes that it might be possible to tweak the native Linux version to run on Mac OS X natively thus eliminating the need for Parallels, VM Fusion, or Crossover/WINE.
Is this possible on an Intel Mac since both Linux and Mac OS 10.6 are POSIX compliant, and Linux WordPerfect 8.0 was compiled for an x86 platform?
WordPerfect for Java was released in 1997. Apparently that doesn't count as prior art. http://support.novell.com/techcenter...d19970516.html http://www.ddj.com/java/184415588 http://web.pip.com.au/office/
Except that it still doesn't import WordPerfect documents, spreadsheets, or presentations. Office does. I guess I still need Office for converting my legacy files.
I thought Apple said this would be their last trade show, and pulled out of NAB.
I'm guessing that the iMac/MacMini will be updated when Mac OS 10.6 comes out, or else shortly after the Calpella platform. But I won't hold my breath for it. It seems logical to update the AppleTV concurrently with new LED-backlit displays to add a DisplayPort to it, and sometime after February 17, 2009 in hopes of incorporating a digital tuner.
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