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I'm guessing that the iMac/MacMini will be updated when Mac OS 10.6 comes out, or else shortly after the Calpella platform. But I won't hold my breath for it. It seems logical to update the AppleTV concurrently with new LED-backlit displays to add a DisplayPort to it, and sometime after February 17, 2009 in hopes of incorporating a digital tuner.
In January 2008, Intuit announced the Mac version of Quicken would be available about January 2009. Now they are saying summer of 2009. Giving Intuit the benefit of the doubt, this might mean that minimum system requirements for the Mac version of Quicken include Snow Leopard. Or in other words, yes, they re-wrote it from the ground up for Mac OS X, but as a carbon app, and now they have to backtrack and make it a Cocoa app because of Snow Leopard.
Mystery Science Theater 3000, coming to an iPhone or iPod near you.
So, this is just another way Apple is trying to reduce its Carbon footprint? (Aw c'mon, it was such a good set up.)
But the majority of the world has adopted the use of a Christian adapted calendar: the Gregorian Calendar. Granted, that it has done so to simplify business transactions rather than to endorse Christianity, which makes its adoption an use mostly a non issue.
I thought BCE meant Before Common Era, and CE meant Common Era, neither of which have anything to do with being "civilized." In function BCE/CE are merely euphemisms for BC/AD.
Careful with proclaiming that someone is born with homosexual tendencies. The jury is still very much out on that issue. Even Kinsey noted that sexual preferences seemed to be rather malleable.
On the other hand, many if not all of these legal rights have already been extended to gay couples in California. I see the real issue as the gay community wanting to take over the term "marriage" be domestic partner" or civil union just isn't good enough, even if it includes all the rights and privileges of "marriage."Personally, I think that the government should get out of the marriage business altogether and reclassify everything as a civil union, thus leaving...
Except for the iSight camera and mic, this would be nice hooked up to an AppleTV, especially if that AppleTV were upgraded to 1080p and let me plug in a ATSC USB tuner (or had an ATSC tuner built in).
Wow! When was Santa Rosa added to the C2D Mac Mini? I've been waiting for Apple to upgrade the Mini to Santa Rosa since May 2007. I thought all Mac Minis were still using Napa chips. Although at this point, I am expecting the Mac Mini to leapfrog Santa Rosa and just go straight Montevina chips. Won't that be fun to jump from GMA 950 graphics to GMA X4500 graphics.
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