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Checks can bounce, and cash transactions are difficult to audit. Welcome to the 21st century, and chill out.
That was the official line. But since the beta of OpenOffice 3.0 for the Mac is boasting "limited" support for VBA, Microsoft is having to back peddle.Yes, competition is a good thing.
Unless they sue in Texas.
So, now we know why refreshes to the Cinema displays are taking so long. (Just kidding.)
Well, at the risk of being a prescriptive grammarian, "an FM radio" is the most accepted usage (at least in the U.S.), though I doubt most people would take notice of "a FM radio." A is correct if you are going to expand the initials (e.g. a frequency modulation radio). An is correct because words that begin with a vowel use "an" over "a" when needed; and verbally, one is saying "an eff emm radio" not "a eff emm radio." (Ay, bee, see, dee, ee, eff, jee, aytch, eye, jay,...
I'm thinking more WWDC 2009. By then Intel will have released the Calpella platform which will include the Clarksfield and Auburndale variants of the Nehalem CPU. Mac OS 10.6 should also be ready by WWDC 2009. What a great opportunity to commemorate the Mac's 25th anniversary by bumping the OS to the next level, and completely refreshing the Mac line (by eliminating the front side bus, which Calpella makes possible).
2009 will be the year that the Mac turns 25. What a wonderful way to commemorate that anniversary than by revamping the entire Mac line with Nehalem CPUs, chips from the Calpella chipset, and Mac OS 10.6, all in time for WWDC 2009.
Blu-Ray disc burners. Auburndale CPUs. Calpella chipsets. There, I just took you all the way past WWDC 2009 and didn't even mention MacBook with multitouch trackpad, monitor refreshes using LED backlit LCDs, WiMAX, G3 iPhone, 1394c, or Firewire 3200 I'd also like to see the Mac Mini have at least the same logic board specs as the low end MacBook. There's no reason not to refresh the Mac Mini to keep it on par with the MacBook, unless you are trying to kill it off.
I agree, but it is the patent office that split the hair.Perhaps this patent was the reason Microsoft has sold empty boxes with only a coupon inside instead of installation disks; distributing the software via RPOS card would have violated this patent--especially since there are so many versions of Windows.
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