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This sounds like a bad idea to me because it opens security hole in which someone could create a malicious RFID tag, slap it under your desk, and re-rout your DNS through their own malicious proxies. That "configuration information" could be configuration for just about anything. It is bad, because it assumes trustworthy information from the RFID tag without any verification. Boy, the NSA could slip these RFID tags into just about any device that might get near a...
Why not just get the guy from Perceptive Pixel on board? Link 1 Link 2
Are you kidding? My kids had school today, and my wife had to teach as well. Any more most of these"holidays" are just reasons for the banks and post office to close. Everyone else still has to work.
And check your central valley California pay with the maximum salary on the pay scale in Oklahoma, Utah, Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, Idaho, Wyoming, etc, etc, etc. and you'll find it's difficult to get above that $60K to $70K salary.
And in Las Vegas, you can retire after 10 years of teaching. . . if you last that long. It is considered combat pay because of the high turn-over rate. What's your point?
Jobs does not know what his is talking about. Let him take a total leave of absence from Apple, Pixar, Disney, and everything else and teach a class of 30 first graders in an inner-city or rural public school for one year without using any of his own money or resources, then I'm more likely to listen to his input. In most places, teachers unions protect the teachers from abusive administrators and the good-ole-boys in the legislatures. In a few locations, unions have...
Hopefully Apple has been waiting for "Santa Rosa" to be released to take advantage of Intel's GMA X3000 integrated graphics processor.
Or do you wait a full year for Nehalem to unlock Penryn's full potential? There is always something just a little bit better a few months down the road. According to Intel, Penryn is intended as the "tick" and Nehalem as the "tock". For me, what this means is: 1. Instead of hoping that the MacMini would get bumped to Core @ Duo + Leopard not too long after the release of Crestline/Santa Rosa later this spring, I'll probably have to wait until WWDC in June, with systems...
Hence the parenthetical "or stood" in my original post.
Umm... ZFS stands (or stood) for Zettabyte File System. Zen is a philosophical approach to life....unless, of course, you're wanting to talk about a particular philosophical approach to file systems. In that case, wait until I leave the room before you start that discussion.
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