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Unless they've fleshed out the standards for S1600 and S3200, all 1394c will do (essentially) is piggy back Firewire 800 (S800) on the back of ethernet ports. There's the potential for FW800 port to dissappear altogether as they get replaced by RJ45 ports. That essentially makes 1394c an alteranive to 1G ethernet. But even at that, the ethernet folks are busy getting 10G ethernet out to the marketplace. Meanwhile, firewire is languishing. Even if S3200 (~3.2Gb/s)...
Then you'd better hope that SED technology pans out in a few years, and that they decide to make panels small enough to use for desktop & laptop computers.
The inside reminds me of a jewelry store. (Just an observation.)
[deleted by poster]
The "Mac" guy looks like it is Justin Long. The "PC" guy looks like Dave Foley even though I'm pretty sure it is not. My favorite is the network spot.
That's definitely one way of looking at it. But as I recall, when 16:9 plasma TVs started comming out, I was disappointed that the native resolution was 848x480 (WideVGA). "HD" refers to the aspect ratio (16:9) in contrast to "SD" (standard definition) which is 4:3 aspect ratio. Pixel resolution for those aspect ratios is variable (e.g. VGA vs. WideVGA, XGA vs. WXGA, UXGA vs. WUXGA, QXGA vs. WQXGA, etc.) By this definition one could argue CGA (320x200) qualifies as "HD"...
Perhaps this has something to do with Microsoft wanting to tweek Vista for Merom, Conroe, and Woodcrest. And it has to wait on Dell, HP, or someone else to provide them prototypes of those boxes before doing their tweeking. Then again maybe not, since MS has officially renounced 64-bit versions out of the initial Vista mix. Or they could be revamping to follow Apple's OS model. Then we would see Vista 1.0 in 2007, followed by Vista 1.1 in 2008, 1.2 in 2009, etc. just...
By then, won't we have switched from calling them nanometers to picometers, resulting in 10pm chips?
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