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As valiant as DuckDuckGo wants to portray themselves, the strong pulls of free-market capitalism will have them eating their foot sooner than later.    One (i.e., a corporation in the USA) can never, ever, ever deny the undeniable force that places a return on investment above all else. You can sugarcoat it with cute little aphorisms and anecdotes or any other thing Ben Franklin uttered many scores ago, but to assume you (i.e., said corporation in the USA) can ignore the...
iOS 9 is slower on my 6+. Home screen swipes stutter, icon presses take an extra millisecond to respond, animations are no longer smooth. I'm sure it has to do with all the background stuff going on (i.e., iCloud), but turning that stuff off as a fix is not a solution. Apple's 1GB of RAM policy the last few years certainly has its downsides.
iOS 9 has already rendered my 6+ slow. Icons take an extra half-second to react; swiping between home screens stutters; lots of lurching between transitions, and other "death by a thousand cuts." What's frustrating is that most of these issues can't be defined nor described; if I walk in to an Apple Store, I'll be told the same thing over and over again: give it a hard reset. "Move along, next customer, please." Yes, I've tried turning off Background App this and iCloud...
Well, since iOS 9 has basically brought back the words 'lag' and 'delay' into my 6 experience, I might "need" to upgrade to a 6S to "fix" these issues. In summary: iOS 9 on last year's 6 is not blazing fast. I have taught myself to take an extra split second with button presses; I am often waiting for the phone to catch up to me.
The dark side to the faster Touch ID is that you miss reading any alerts on your lock screen. By the time you realize you have some, you're on the Home screen.
"...Apple is interested in further exploiting multithreading, which could improve efficiency when handling several tasks at once." This is news? How about: "Apple is interested in batteries that last longer than batteries today, as it allows a phone to work for longer periods of time without needing to be charged." Or: "Apple is looking to make phones faster because that allows users to perform tasks at a much faster pace than today's phones. We're pretty sure Apple is...
This is why China can never really be taken seriously. Sort of like that rich doofus uncle everyone has, and hates; the only reason anyone laughs at his jokes during the family reunion is because he's so rich. Like at work, you're as funny as your title. Have you ever wondered why every employee rolls on the floor laughing at the CEO's knock-knock joke, yet the mailroom clerk, who used to tour with Chris Rock, gets crickets from the director-level jerkoffs? You can't dear...
Please fix this ASAP. My kids don't touch my iPhone without Guided Access turned on. 
Never got close to running out of juice during the day on my 38mm Apple Watch. Since I can remember, I have about 50% juice left when I get home in the evening.    First day of running watchOS 2? It's 3:40 p.m. (Pacific) (I take it out of its charger around 8 a.m.) and I'm already down to 10% (went into Power Reserve as I wrote this).    Nice.   Surely my fault. 
Word is that Apple's security team is on its way to this guy's house, is going to ram his door down, then yell, "Are you in any way affiliated with Gizmodo!?" as they push his face into the ground.
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