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I get that functionality right now with my TiVo Roamio box. But you can have the best search in the world: finding what I want is not the issue; it's that when I get to the content I want, it has a huge padlock on it. Ninety-nine percent of the searches I make successfully end up being a bust because, "The content provider has put a big padlock on this show. Please pay an extra $499.99 to watch this episode of 'Crap'." I end up needing to have about 17 different accounts...
Will they use App Store guidelines, which will only allow content that's G-rated or less; or will they use iTunes Store guidelines, which will allow anything R-rated or worse?
I hope there's a huge increase in RAM. I'm sick of web pages reloading when I return to Safari after checking Mail, for example. I mean, I was gone for 5 seconds and it couldn't retain that one web page in memory?!
Not bad for a product that hasn't been updated since Harry Truman was president. I often forget mine is in the entertainment cabinet, what with all the options my TiVo Roamio provides. 
"Apple spent billions of dollars on Siri and worked on it for a very long time with hundreds of engineers and a huge dataset of voices - and it's f-ing idiotic. Siri is nearly useless," Butterfield said." I really don't have a rebuttal to this. Siri is really, really good at telling me what time it is. Anything else stumps the shit out of her.
"If you're not for us, you're with the terrorists." - W. 
All of my friends who own iPhones are waiting for this pay solution. None of them have activated their Apple Pay accounts, as they're waiting to see how exciting this solution will be. [sorry, my cat walked across the keyboard and accidentally typed that paragraph out. it's obviously not true.]
Agreed. However, I think normal use is code for "I weigh 300 pounds, I sat on it while it was in my jeans pocket, so it's not tough enough."
A stronger body just means that goons will simply apply more force to bend it so that they can get their little 15 minutes of fame on their amateur YouTube channel, and be linked to by link-baiting blogs and websites (and you can bet your a$$ AI will be there).
"The fire marshall says we need to clear out." "Well, tell them that we're in here changing the world." That line made me cringe. Beginner Screenwriter Course 101 at USC Film School.
New Posts  All Forums: