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It's pretty sad that Apple seemingly went out of their way to make text input on the new Apple TV as horrible as possible. It really rings hollow hearing Tim Cook and the Gang on stage at keynotes constantly repeating, "We really want the best experience for our customers," only to be followed by this craptastic execution of something that is objectively simple when compared to all the other whizbang features of the new OS. I mean, they evidently spent a lot of time...
I'm lucky that my Apple Music files (and some of my older iCloud emails) are on servers in Reno and Ireland. (Oh wait a minute, they just got load-balanced over to Germany.) I'll update this post every 45 seconds with location of my cloud files.
Explains the LOOOOOONG lines at the Microsoft Store. Going around the entire mall. (Ooops, sorry, just got closer, it's actually the Apple Store a few doors down. Parallax effect.)
Is there such a thing as a profit monopoly that the US government can start investigating Apple for?
This is great news. Now I can have as many as two Mobile Safari browser tabs open without either of them reloading when I switch to another app then switch right back.
Headlines tomorrow: "NSA and Apple have deal to install backdoors on iPhones running iOS 9. More after this commercial..."
Actual headline: "Steve Jobs promoted opportunities for women at Apple, NeXT" What pundits/analysts/Mike Daisey see: "Steve Jobs did not promote opportunities for men, animals at Apple, NeXT"
It sucks for Apple's engineering teams to be steered by their marketing department. I'm positive that there were a lot of features, most of them trivial but still important, that had to be left out to meet the launch deadline. I am sure someone spoke up about the Remote app not being compatible--because, hey, who needs a keyboard to type in email addresses and passwords?!--but it probably required the Remote app team to drop what they were doing in the race to get tvOS...
Regarding the lack of keyboard on the Siri remote and inability to dictate in a text field, can one still use the iPhone/iPad as a keyboard, like you can with the now-old Apple TV?
This is excellent wordsmithing by Cue. "Not for cord cutters" is the perfect statement for Apple to be making at this time. As sog35 stated, it's about building the user base and then--BAM!-- hitting the industry upside the head with what Apple does best (I don't know what would be in the case of TV!).
New Posts  All Forums: