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I'm going to predict 'meh' on this one. Not because of the hardware--I'm sure it'll be wonderful, and "just work"--but because of the restrictions on the content it'll have access to.    No need to go into specifics, but I doubt the phrase "You can watch whatever you find. It just works," will not be used during its unveiling.    "Well, you'll need to log into your Netflix account. For Hulu, you'll need to authenticate. For EXISTING Comcast...
"prior is the inability to quickly clear all notification alerts from apps." And currently is the inability to quickly close all apps in the app switcher.
If he said impact was minimal, I'd believe him. But to say there was no impact at all is a nice full sack of bullsh1t.
 I'd beg to differ, and call them smart. Like you, I'm sure they made a profit on their collective downgrading of APPL based on its 'poor' performance. I'll bet you 50 shares that today they're calling Apple the greatest company of all time, after disparaging them in after-hours trading. 
As a professional analyst, I can factually claim that Apple revenue will go down at some point in the future. Now click on my blog and check out all its ads.
How about iPhone 6 camera load time with iCloud Photos enabled? Takes you back to 2007, doesn't it?
I'm sure Bethesda, in going iOS-only initially, went with the path of /most/ resistance. (sigh)
I agree with the guy. iOS has 742 different apps to access the myriad media. Claim it's gotten easier/simpler so that I can dropkick you in the thorax.
Pittsburgh = steel for iCar chassis. Pittsburg is in California.
"Labels have been abandoned in favor of stylized glyphs." You wouldn't believe how much it costs to localize. This saves enough money in a year for Tim to get a new Aston Martin DB9.
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