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"...the company 'has been doing this for years without any objection.' " Drives me nuts when my lawyer friends slam me for slippery slope arguments, yet they resort to them without abandon (although it's a somewhat reverse slope used above). I believe politicians are the only entities who are required, seemingly by law, to never change their stance on any position taken in their first 365 days of office.
"On the prospect of an Apple Car, Ballmer said it's a "much bigger leap to do cars than it is most of the things they've tried." Did he snort uncontrollably when saying this?
You go, Apple. I am totally behind you, 100%. However, that only applies up until I need you to decrypt a phone for my personal benefit. For example, a loved one has been kidnapped, and the information on a phone might return them to me. In that case, I am against you 100%. In summary: Protect my information. But not the guy who took my loved one. He doesn't deserve protection. Now solve my koan. GO!
This doesn't really bother me from a corporate competitive level. The part that does bother me, at the most basic human level, is that somone, somewhere, deep inside Samsung looked at this color and wholeheartedly believed that he/she was doing something of monumental originality. At no time did they ever blink once and consider the possibility that what they conjured up was a duplicated fabrication wrought by another entity, and not "a staggering work of heartbreaking...
"Some Android devices do feature voice recognition for Google Now access, which could thwart the potential hack. Apple has no such functionality built into Siri yet." So based on this tibdit, tomorrow's sensationalist headline will be: "iOS has catastrophic flaw that allows hackers to drain users' bank accounts and kill their children from 16 feet away; Android secure."
Agreed. Although they used machines to pinpoint where noises were coming from on the Mouse, unfortunately no such machines exist to pinpoint lackluster user interfaces. 
The only problem with Bluetooth is that Apple pushes the specifications along at a much faster pace (to its credit) than accessory makers do. My 3-year-old Alpine deck in my car as gone from being completely awesome to completely frustrating. With iOS 6 and 7, I'd jump in my car and the phone and deck would connect instantly. With iOS 9 now, I'm the guy in the parking lot with the engine running taking about 5-10 minutes to get the two devices to communicate. My favorite...
As valiant as DuckDuckGo wants to portray themselves, the strong pulls of free-market capitalism will have them eating their foot sooner than later.    One (i.e., a corporation in the USA) can never, ever, ever deny the undeniable force that places a return on investment above all else. You can sugarcoat it with cute little aphorisms and anecdotes or any other thing Ben Franklin uttered many scores ago, but to assume you (i.e., said corporation in the USA) can ignore the...
iOS 9 is slower on my 6+. Home screen swipes stutter, icon presses take an extra millisecond to respond, animations are no longer smooth. I'm sure it has to do with all the background stuff going on (i.e., iCloud), but turning that stuff off as a fix is not a solution. Apple's 1GB of RAM policy the last few years certainly has its downsides.
iOS 9 has already rendered my 6+ slow. Icons take an extra half-second to react; swiping between home screens stutters; lots of lurching between transitions, and other "death by a thousand cuts." What's frustrating is that most of these issues can't be defined nor described; if I walk in to an Apple Store, I'll be told the same thing over and over again: give it a hard reset. "Move along, next customer, please." Yes, I've tried turning off Background App this and iCloud...
New Posts  All Forums: