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Does anyone know if this would fall under AT&T's definition of "change to the account," which would require grandfathered unlimited data subscribers to move to a data-capped tier?
What is Apple's response to this? I am urging my clients to sell their AAPL shares until Apple has a response to this new product category from Samsung. Apple is obviously slipping in the 360-degree panoramic camera category, which Samsung is obviously leading.    Richard Cabeça (aka Dick Head) Analyst
I thought the iPhone 6 beat out the Plus in graphics performance? So, why no 1080p for the 6? 
Real headline: WireLurker, Masque Attack malware only a threat for users who disable Apple's iOS, OS X security WSJ version of headline: WireLurker, Masque Attack malware a threat for users who use Apple's iOS, OS X
Surprise: Bottom lines first, consumer experience not-first.
Of course.
Sorry, but as an Android user, I do not pay for apps, and would only pay up to $49.99 for a watch.
What about Zach Galifinakis? He could play the version of Jobs played by that Mike Daisey dude.
I like Rogen, but I think he's too goofy/aloof to play Woz. I was thinking more like Zach Galifianakis.
 The same thing can happen with regular keys, but you can't disable keys remotely. And I'm pretty sure car makers would still supply some sort of fob that you can keep at home. (Or, if you're a "genius", put it in a hide-a-key under your right rear wheel well.) 
New Posts  All Forums: