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 The same thing can happen with regular keys, but you can't disable keys remotely. And I'm pretty sure car makers would still supply some sort of fob that you can keep at home. (Or, if you're a "genius", put it in a hide-a-key under your right rear wheel well.) 
{see next article}
Okay, the Apple-lover who did this, please raise your hand!
Don't know about you guys, but that Apple TV homescreen doesn't look any better than any of its competitors' homescreens. In fact, it's a bonafide UI nightmare. I know what we're seeing is the convergence of aTV OS and iOS, but as it stands it's a very unwieldy piece of real estate in Apple's normally well-manicured garden. 
"The new iPad costs $1 more than last year's iPad, giving me reason to notify my investor clients that they should sell all their APPL positions, as this is a clear indication of Tim Cook's lack of leadership and inability to negotiate. This spells the downfall of Apple, and I predict the upside on the stock is no longer feasible."    Richard "Dick" Cabeça Idiotic Investments, Inc. 
Screw the consumer. Long live the corporation and its needs. 
My TV (Sharp Aquos, about 4 years old) has a Digital Optical Output. Unless you're using an old HeathKit/Motorola TV, it should have something similar. 
But will it be made of GOLD?!
"...Users must also have a carrier plan with tethering enabled." If Apple was able to bypass carrier SMS with iMessage, why can't they do the same with tethering?
Analysts were expecting US$8,500,000,001. They missed the target. It's over for Apple; is Cook slipping; do they miss Jobs?
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