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They obviously spoke about the British occupation of South Africa in the 1800s.
I thought all Getty Images stock photo models did?! 
He does look like Steve Ballmer. "iPhone?! BWWAAAAHAHA! A $600 phone?! Gimme a break!"
Well, looks like AI has some news feed fodder to keep em busy for the next 6 years. Now every little tidbit of news will be reverse engineered to buttress any and all iCar rumors. New building? Must be for a car. New bathroom? Must be for extra car engineers. Apple just repaved their driveways; must be for the iCar!
 UPDATE: They meant September 2026
Can anyone verify if there were any members of the NSA in the crowd?
"including a full palm-print scan to log in." Is that an upgrade over currently being able to use just one fingertip?
I sure hope they pull a Boeing and enforce staggered start/end times for their employees. Getting in/out of that campus is going to be heII. Getting in and out of the Asian marketplace across Wolfe is on its own a nightmare already.
"...Apple has added new features." I could do without new features for now. How about fixing the current ones? Current bugs/issues: Too many to list
It is an undeniable fact that BT support in iOS gets progressively worse, not better, with each OS update.    Period.    If someone at Apple would like to challenge that assertion, please do so. Otherwise, it is a FACT that Apple pares down BT support to promulgate its accessory licensing program. To wit, my Alpine deck worked wonderfully with iOS7. Now, if I touch the metal part of my phone with my hands, BT transmission cuts out.   Same deck, different phone,...
New Posts  All Forums: