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"It's easier to say Yes and throw a beta tag on it, then it is to say No and not have a we're-first product to brag about." - excerpt from The Google Way, a fictitious book by Sir Gay Bryn
Hi Pot, meet Mr. Black.
It's over for Apple. This announcement is not one Jobs would've made. He would have use more circles with more powerful colors, and not place them so close to each other. Also, the number of circles that overlap one another is telling; it means Tim Cook needs to hide behind his peers and is not ready to helm the ship and take it to uncharted waters. Note how the Apple logo is lost amongst some of the circles. This means a company in distress, one in need of direction,...
The Apple TV UI is consistently creeping towards unwieldiness.
couldn't that simply a new case design before being colored?
"We would like to thank the researchers for their valuable input," Neumayr said." Who's Neumayr?
Someday, a Chinese product leaker will take a picture that isn't out-of-focus.
  But you can access nefarious Android stores with a non-rooted Android phone. You need a jailbroken iPhone to get on Cydia, in which case the user is probably sophisticated enough to realize what they're dealing with.    By the time your mom's free Android phone has finished uploading its contact and Google Wallet information to a rogue Croatian server, it's too late. 
I'm sure someone here is keeping track of the number of times "We have amazing products in the pipeline" has been said without said products being delivered. And product refreshes don't count.
We need spies at this conference. I specifically can't wait to see the design of their presentation slides. I can bet $500 that they will look exactly like the Apple ones, using the same sparse layout, minimal text-per-slide, white-on-black background. In fact, I will wager another $500 that they will use Keynote to create their keynote.
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