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They removed the lame reel-to-reel from the Podcasts app, why not do the same with the lame stitching here?
So, will this mean that iCloud won't suck ass in the near future?
Fucking. Greatest. AI. Article. Ever.
Analysts, pundits, and journalists will start punishing Apple's stock price if this technology isn't a rumored feature for the rumored iPhone 5S.    "Apple needs to follow through on every pie-in-the-sky patent application we uncover," said pundit Ricardo Cabeça. 
  Probably has what I have, which is a MacPro 1,1, which until Mountain Lion came out, was touted in every piece of literature Apple could produce as being 64-bit. All of a sudden we're told that it's not really truly 64-bit as it still has some 32-bit code in the ROM, so go ahead and die even though it's a more than capable computer (but not capable enough to run ML, even if you upgrade the video card).    I hacked it to run ML, but it's a big PITA and more of a...
We all know that anyone can make the hardware. Android proves that time and time again. What they can't do is the software to support it. NFC chip: check. Infrastructure to really make NFC payments take off: Umm. Apple will kill on the software/retailer side. They will give away a small NFC xmitter, which looks like a very small Apple TV, to all retailers. It will connect to the iTunes ecosystem. They will partner with Starbucks and Target to make it take off, but nearly...
Even after this expansion, I'll still experience the beach ball when trying to stream music.
Why lead when you can follow? And then when you end up in court, you simply tell the judge the plaintiff is whining and that your Passbook app is not a copy of Apple's Passbook app because we spell it with a 'ch' instead of a 'k' (Passbooch). "If we were copying their product, we'd spell it 'Passbook'. As such, ours is 'Passbooch', which is original and wholly our idea."
"What we do, you see, is we take the ninth letter of the Arabic alphabet--the letter i--we convert it to lowercase, and then we add some catchy noun after it. What we will never do is add a space between the letter i and the catchy noun. Never. It's who we are."
New Posts  All Forums: