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No thanks, but I am not buying into this Orwellian doublespeak. When the market gets tough(er) and Sprint's feeling the pinch, their well-heeled attorneys will point out some exception buried deep within the Terms of Service that will allow them to opt out and not have to honor this plan.    Sprint, with all due respect, go F yourselves. 
Analysts/pundits downgrade Apple stock to SELL due to it not being the 23 markets they had predicted. "By exceeding our initial projections, Apple has once again made us look like chumps and idiots, and we, in turn, need to respond irrationally to their corporate malfeasance," said Short Sell Stock, Inc. CEO Schlubby P. Moneybags. 
Waiting for the inevitable stock downgrade from some short-happy analyst who will issue a report saying that "Apple's patent filings, although describing pie-in-the-sky products that might never see the light of day, leave me worrying about the ability of Cook and company to innovate in the near-term. I worry that their patent filings are not good enough. Recommendation: Sell." 
Says a lot about a company when it starts a fight against imaginary products. Also says a lot about a company that its imaginary products have more heft then other companies' corporeal products.
A worker left Apple. It's over. Samsung wins. Samsung hasn't lost an employee in 50 years, and they've hired 10,000,000 in the last 5 months alone. As an analyst, I will now write an article prognosticating the death of Apple based on a 0.4% attrition rate.
Waiting for turtleneck and beret-wearing graphic design snobs to denounce the new Voice Memo icon as "wrong."
It's over for Apple. Sell your stock now, it's a sinking ship.
If you go to Settings > General > About, a dialog is displayed stating the update was applied.
@rob55 This isn't a machine that I would except to get basement discount deals on. If you're in need of this machine, a low price is nowhere on your spec list. I can already see the chorus of boos from the peanut gallery complaining about the impending MSRP. And I'm sure 99% of those will be broke-ass college students wishing they could own one of these, not industry pros.
Ive needs to poll pundits and industry analysts, and get 100% quorum before iOS 7 is released. He also needs not a single soul not to hate the new Safari icon; he heard one dude in south Nebraska doesn't care for it as it "looks like a bison's ass after it's been bit by a dirigible," and is flying out there to speak with him. Ive cares very much about what armchair analysts and basement graphic designers with a Wordpress account think. He wants to impress them mostly.
New Posts  All Forums: