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AAA: "Well, we do admit that we need the clickthroughs to our website, and nothing is better click bait than putting 'Apple' in an article. If we said Google Voice, no one would give a shit. But put in 'Siri' and the hits to our website increase tenfold!"
Amazing that people get years in prison for selling one share of a company for a $10 profit using insider information, yet jackasses such as this go unscathed when their comments can swing the fortunes of a company, as they get to use semantics to get them out of sticky situations (e.g., Apple is looking into). Fucker.
"GT has a strong and fundamentally sound underlying business," That's what I told my friends when I told them I couldn't pay back the $2,000,000 that I owed them. "Bros, just because I'm broke and filed for bankruptcy doesn't mean I'm out of cash."
The fact Google shows me a massage parlor ad when I asked my girlfriend for a massage in an email says it all: they're reading our fucking email for monetary gain. Riddle me that, crater face.
Taking away something you should already have, giving it back to you, then calling it a gift.
This is like taking someone's $5 bill, then giving it back to them later and saying, "Here's $5 for you. Aren't I swell?!"
Burn in hell, WiLan. May your lawyers be forced to downgrade their Gulfstream G5s to G4s.
It'd be nice if they'd (along with Matrox) fix the bug-plagued original TB docks. What a crock of crap. I have a nice paperweight here if anyone wants.
 It's because of Apple's marketing. Their department has agents all over the world who go into people's homes and force them, at gunpoint, to purchase Apple products. Apple products on their own do not illicit any excitement nor desire on their own merits; people don't clamor for them due to their appeal, design, aesthetic, quality or ease of use. To wit, if you look closely at the Karlie Kloss photo above, to the left of the uncropped photo you will see an Apple marketing...
Where is the PIN/Touch ID-required-to-power-down feature?
New Posts  All Forums: