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Ive needs to poll pundits and industry analysts, and get 100% quorum before iOS 7 is released. He also needs not a single soul not to hate the new Safari icon; he heard one dude in south Nebraska doesn't care for it as it "looks like a bison's ass after it's been bit by a dirigible," and is flying out there to speak with him. Ive cares very much about what armchair analysts and basement graphic designers with a Wordpress account think. He wants to impress them mostly.
@gwmac We're in California, not Bangladesh. The codes here are pretty strict. I doubt anyone Palo Alto code inspectors received a handout to signoff on a permit.
Who's on WWDC Moscone Center Banner Photos Detail?
To be released in 12 days: Microsoft Surface commercial showing a doctor in need of PowerPoint on his iPad, throwing it in a can, then grabbing a Surface to show patient, "10 Things You Need To Do To Get Your Cholesterol in Check" slideshow, all while also checking his e-mail! A doctor can't do THAT on an iPad!
I don't think price was a barrier to entry for this POS OS. 
I've got a proposal: An entity (especially a patent hoarding entity) has 3 years after a patent is filed to show the world they're actively pursuing said project, and not just tucking away the patent filing in a drawer, waiting until someone else actually creates same product. If you have nothing after 3 years, the provisional patent goes away. You can't re-file for 6 months, in which time another entity can come in and file their own provisional patent application....
Must be a Microsoft announcement if one the touted specs mentions "5 billion transistors."
"We should have brought in here today a giant mirror, so that we can look at the reflection of Congress, because this problem is created by the awful tax code," he [Rand Paul] said." End of story.
Soon to be read headline: "Apple sold not a single Apple ][ in the past 20 years. Microsoft, meanwhile, has sold thousands of Windows Phones."
"...values do not include the money invested in research and development of both hardware and software." Samsung should use an off-the-shelf, ready-to-use OS to save money, instead of having to build an OS from scratch.
New Posts  All Forums: