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Unless they do something radically different than having a screen filled with app icons in which the user uses their finger to touch the icon to launch the selected app, I do not see this gaining any ground on Android/iOS.
This can't be something you happen upon by accident. This vulnerability must be surreptitiously shown by an Apple iOS engineer to his or her friend, who then posts a video detailing the vulnerability. How are these vulnerabilities usually discovered?
My dad: "Wow, they're a bitter company, aren't they? This ad makes me want to NOT get one of their products. It's like you when you used to whine about Billy Thomson beating you up all the time. Just suck it up, I used to tell you." 
Stay classy, Samsung. --Ron Burgundy
In what is not coincidental, Hyundai and Kia announce cars with Samsung Free Eyes.
Is anyone collecting all the "eat crow" references already? I'll start with the first one: One of RIM's 17 CEOs upon the introduction of the iPhone: "Users need a physical keyboard. A virtual keyboard sucks ass. This iPhone? What a f-ing joke. It'll last 3 weeks. The BlackBerry is king and will whip its ass." Today: "eschews a physical keyboard." One serving of crow delivered.
This should be 6.0.3, not 6.1. How underwhelming. Now all those posts advertising open iOS software engineer positions at Apple makes sense; evidently, iOS has a total of two engineers and one intern doing all development work if all they came up with in a x.1 update are these measly features. That BB10 is looking hotter and hotter by the day...
Wow, what a lackluster upcoming update. Is that all we're getting?
So it sounds like he's saying that all companies should do a billion different things, and hope that one of them works well enough to make enough money to fund the other 999,999,999 things that suck big donkey balls. Google has ads served with search. Everything else they do, really, is mediocre, at best, and doesn't make them much money at all, if any. Good thing that's working out well for your, Mr. Page, because we all know that online ads will live (and provide...
New Posts  All Forums: