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Analysts were expecting US$8,500,000,001. They missed the target. It's over for Apple; is Cook slipping; do they miss Jobs?
Is nobody going to Photoshop Bale into the iconic hand-on-the-chin Jobs photo? (I suck at PS.)
Surprised they didn't partner with Airbnb. Get the "key" to your rental once your credit card goes through. That'd be cool.
The incentive to giving up your secure code already exists: Disobeying a subpoena will keep you in jail until you oblige. He's tugging at heart strings by insinuating that every situation that they can't get the code results in rape or murder; a little disingenuous. It's code for, "We want to be able to read the phones of every inner-city, low-level drug dealer on a whim, without a court order, so we can catch the big fish. {Note to peace officers when doing this: Apply...
Guess why I go to Starbucks instead of Peet's for coffee? Because I can leave my wallet at home. You can bet your ass I won't go into a Best Buy or Walmart for the same reason. I'm sure these Luddite stores would love for their customers to bring their own candles so they could save money on not having to light their stores. Cheap fucks.
I love how rich people are so egocentric. All about what's good for Icahn.
Touch ID AC Adapters, so that they can only be plugged in to the device they shipped with?
AAA: "Well, we do admit that we need the clickthroughs to our website, and nothing is better click bait than putting 'Apple' in an article. If we said Google Voice, no one would give a shit. But put in 'Siri' and the hits to our website increase tenfold!"
Amazing that people get years in prison for selling one share of a company for a $10 profit using insider information, yet jackasses such as this go unscathed when their comments can swing the fortunes of a company, as they get to use semantics to get them out of sticky situations (e.g., Apple is looking into). Fucker.
"GT has a strong and fundamentally sound underlying business," That's what I told my friends when I told them I couldn't pay back the $2,000,000 that I owed them. "Bros, just because I'm broke and filed for bankruptcy doesn't mean I'm out of cash."
New Posts  All Forums: