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Hear that? That's the sound of all the people re-downloading FCP X after bailing to Premiere when FCP X 10.0 didn't have all the features that FCS 7 had.
 It's not mutually exclusive. To wit, I think what Apple does is valiant and noble and very important...and Bono is a twit. 
Nice job Bono, bite the hand that feeds. Maybe Apple should provide potatoes instead (pun very much intended).
Looking forward to the HomeKit hacks. "Why has the Smith's garage door been opening and closing non-stop the entire week they've been on vacation?"
Someone please hack Richtel's and Chen's stock trading accounts to see how many shares of APPL these guys own. I'm sure none of us will be surprised at the results.
Just what I need: Ads for Jenny Craig after Google sniffs out my BMI in my "private" health files. HIPAA be damned!
Rumor is iPhone 7 will have wireless charging.
"It should be noted that the feature was working only from iOS to Mac at the time of this writing, but Handoff should be completely two-way compatible at launch." Just wait, an analyst is to write an investor piece based on this information, telling his customers to dump Apple stock "based on their inability to innovate beta software."
I love reading this stuff, even though I understood only three words in the entire article.
Any word on a "Passcode Required to Power Off" setting?    When I steal someone's iPhone, the first thing I do is power it down. With this feature, my business would be crippled.    Regards,  iPhone Thief*   *I am joking about being an iPhone Thief. 
New Posts  All Forums: