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Something's missing here. What happens at the POS? The current Verifone readers are from the 20th century. Will Apple provide an iBeacon/NFC dongle to all retailers? I can see Target or Nordstrom making the switch, but what I really want is to be able to buy my Cisco and King Cobra at Leroy's Liquors and Fried Chicken with my iPhone. Will Leroy be Touch ID-compliant? The big retailers, that's the steak. The little guy is where the sizzle is.
To paraphrase Kramer: "All steak, no sizzle!" 
Photos courtesy of Samsung.
What if Apple covers the fees, like they do when one buys content from the iTunes Store?As you state, CC companies will want their cut, but I'm sure Apple can sweeten the pot, while also throwing in some fraud-prevention bullet points in their presentation to the card companies. I think the chip-and-PIN movement is finally starting to take hold in the US, and this (Touch ID) might be a good way to move the needle even further.[In related future news: California Institutes...
My theory: Apple builds a BT LE/NFC fob that's given away for free to all retailers that want to be an "iTunes Pay" partner, ala the Square Reader.    "Create a free iTunes Retailer account, connect it to your merchant account, and start accepting payments from customers using the new iPhone Pro with Touch ID. No swipes, no hassle, no credit card processing fees. Like iTunes, we batch-process all credit card transactions, so that you're left fee-free!"    Plausible? 
I really just hope they're in a holding pattern here, not making any revolutionary interface updates until the requisite hardware shows its face, as you imply. Let's see what the future holds, but the present sure is a mess. 
The Apple TV homescreen/layout is a bonafide mess. I dare anyone to challenge that assertion. I mean, seriously; compared to other Apple properties/interfaces, how can one possibly claim that it's pretty and that "it's that simple"?
Where are all the "Let the free market decide" jack-offs/Comcast shareholders?
Like species propagation, it's good to have a varied gene pool to facilitate metamorphic process. (Hold on, just had a thought, that trying to draw an analog between software versions and evolution of species does not work. Valiant try, though, don't you think?) 
I heard a dude in Nebraska got one. So it's very, very prevalent and insidious, according to a local area analyst.
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