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My view is that Apple is going to relegate the health features of iOS (namely, iOS8) to the background, maybe add it to the bottom-right corner of their very last slide of the very last presentation titled, "AC Power Adapters and You." Samsung's thinking they're onto something big, when it's simply going to be a niche market that people will dabble in for a day or two (hello gym memberships after the New Year!), then throw away in the closet next to the eight pairs of...
Unfortunately for Apple, their release cycle is way too predictable. This is going to happen until they throw a curve ball and, for example, announce a television tomorrow. Tim Cook has been saying, "We have a bunch of exciting new products in the pipeline," for the last two years. An iPhone with Touch ID is not a "bunch"; that's one last time I checked. Unless he's counting processor speed bumps as "exciting new products."
 Wow, Apple's photo budget is getting trimmed.  "Chuck, just shoot the promo material photo in your office on your iPhone. Marketing needs it yesterday! No need to Photoshop yourself out, takes too long!" 
Keep in mind that this would count as a "new and exciting product," as mentioned by Cook in the last 532 conference calls. If everyone is waiting for the holodeck, it ain't gonna happen. It's going to be a slew of CPU speed updates that Cook can go back in time to prove that his company did do what he'd say he'd do in the previous call. "Don't you think this NEW MacBook Air is new and exciting (compared to the last MacBook Air)?! It is new, right? Is it exciting, right?...
The most rhetorical question in the world:    "Do you want your money now or later?" 
Christian Bale would nail Jobs' voice a lot better than DiCaprio, not that Leonardo is bad by any means. Patrick Bates is only a haircut away from being Jobs. Jobs, checking out Bill Gates' business card: "Look at that subtle off-white coloring. The tasteful thickness of it. Oh, my God. It even has a watermark."
Love how Apple is cranking out everything...except new products.
 I love seeing graphic designers who haven't a friggin' clue do hardware design, then get their panties in a bunch when the released model doesn't follow their renderings. Stick to making cute icons in Illustrator/Photoshop, dudes. 
I hope Mini is included under the BMW umbrella?
"Apple could never build a mobile 64-bit chip on their own." - some idiot analyst last year
New Posts  All Forums: