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This is like taking someone's $5 bill, then giving it back to them later and saying, "Here's $5 for you. Aren't I swell?!"
Burn in hell, WiLan. May your lawyers be forced to downgrade their Gulfstream G5s to G4s.
It'd be nice if they'd (along with Matrox) fix the bug-plagued original TB docks. What a crock of crap. I have a nice paperweight here if anyone wants.
 It's because of Apple's marketing. Their department has agents all over the world who go into people's homes and force them, at gunpoint, to purchase Apple products. Apple products on their own do not illicit any excitement nor desire on their own merits; people don't clamor for them due to their appeal, design, aesthetic, quality or ease of use. To wit, if you look closely at the Karlie Kloss photo above, to the left of the uncropped photo you will see an Apple marketing...
Where is the PIN/Touch ID-required-to-power-down feature?
Archos had the large-capacity MP3 player before Apple did, so there. And they're a DOMINANT player in the market.
I wonder where Apple's responsibility ends and common sense/obviousness begins.
I hope to God that they fix the folder border-radius bug. (Credit: https://twitter.com/rafifyalda/status/512662444666130434) Also, the default keyboard doesn't stick. I use SwiftKey, have it listed as the first keyboard in settings, yet it always gets superseded by the standard keyboard.
Well, that now leaves Samsung with nothing but U2 as fodder for an Apple-mocking commercial.
Oh man, PayPal is right on the money. However, if they can save me the 7-or-so clicks I need to use PayPal on my iPhone versus Apple Pay with Touch ID, I'm listening.
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