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Not a single story will inevitably be written about wardriving these locks. 
Um. No.
Yes, this should have happened within 3 weeks of tensions starting between Apple and Samsung. Because setting up a foundry and pumping out chips using new designs from a new customer shouldn't take longer than, let's say, 4 weeks. Apple/TSCM could've adopted the Google playbook, releasing a "beta" version of the first batch of chips, then working out the kinks as they went along. Customers would've had dud iPhones/iPods/iPads, but Apple could've come out and said, "Well,...
Apple should make a hardware dongle that they give away for free to any retailer that wants one. It connects to the authorization networks via Ethernet, Bluetooth, WiFi, or traditional phone line. Looks like an Apple TV, but a quarter of the size. Has an NFC transceiver, connects directly to iTunes. A merchant can set it up with their iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad.
"The great thing about Android is that it's so open..." Zuckerberg added, "And by open I mean that our applications are able to do whatever the **** they want in terms of grabbing any and all of your private data and doing whatever the **** we want with it, whether we ask for your permission or not. In fact, our developers created a sweet-ass dialog that asks for permission to access your contacts, calendar, etc., but it has the ability to read your mind: By the time we...
There's theory (what Kay's preaching) and there's practice (what real companies are making and what real people are using). Similar arguments are made in the web UI world, where Jakob Nielsen is one the "leaders" in what constitutes proper user interface design in websites. Have you ever seen a Jakob Nielsen-approved website? Neither have I. Some stuff made in a lab, should never leave said lab.
Okay Foxconn employees, this is getting borderline ridiculous now. "Works at Foxconn jumps from roof after Apple fails to launch magenta-colored Lightning cable." This is bordering on Greenpeace/PETA style tactics to gain attention.
Reminds me of the ATF fiasco whereby American guns sold to Mexican cartels are used to shoot Americans/ATF agents. So Google makes Android, which Facebook will use to compete against...Google. Wow, what a great business idea.
They removed the lame reel-to-reel from the Podcasts app, why not do the same with the lame stitching here?
So, will this mean that iCloud won't suck ass in the near future?
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