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This fiasco is worse than anything Apple has EVER gone through before, and will spell its end.* *version 6.43
NIce job, AT&T. Another nudge to get grandfathered customers off their unlimited data plans. You guys are a real piece of work.
  You answered your own question. I, too, would listen to someone who repeatedly sells 50 cents (no pun intended) for a dollar. Must be doing something right. 
Is anyone keeping a scorecard on Apple jabs that translate into ZERO action on the part of the jabber?
This news, coupled with the recently announced Do Not Disturb-Gate, surely spells the End of Apple (Version 353). 
I hope San Jose, California is taking notice. My house was burglarized a few months ago. I went to the police department with my MacBook Air in hand and showed them the location of my stolen iPad, using Find My Phone. "Sorry, we can't help you." "But it's right there. RIGHT THERE!" "Sorry, but it could be that house next to it. We just can't be sure." "Why not just go knock on the door?" "Sorry sir, we're cops and have big egos. Since this crime would be one that we...
Was gonna buy a BMW the other day but held off when I heard that cars will soon be powered by fusion reactors. I heard that they'll be able to run for 100 years on a gallon of water! Saving my money now, so holding off on buying a car with a--get this!--internal combustion engine. What a waste of energy.
Apple should respond by showing a screenshot of their bank account balance.
Their EIC must be an Apple fanboi.
Hyundai Motors CEO Chung Mong-koo said that BMW, Mercedes and Porsche's reluctance to share its engine designs with them ultimately hurts users. "Porsche should let us obtain their motor designs. For free. This will be most beneficial to users. But does Porsche comply? Nooooooo! They say their designs are the results of years of R&D, to which we say 'So what!, think about customers first, not profits'. I hear what Larry's saying, but I don't get it, especially when...
New Posts  All Forums: