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Yea, that'll fly.
Damn, that's a bargain in that area, for that house. Real estate in this area is fucking crazy.
How do they install the GM on iPhones that ship soon after the OS/phone is officially released? If, let's say, they're selling 500,000 at launch, say September 16, and the GM isn't finalized until September 5, how do they get the OS on all those phones!? Of course, they do get it done, but how do they do it? Do they have to unbox every phone, plug it in, then load up the latest version of the OS? Crazy.
Is it just me or did no one notice "through 2015" for the Sprint deal? That means they can screw your sister come 2016.
They can't possibly call it iWatch. That's an ugly name. The word 'watch' itself comes off the tongue like a stripper out the back door; bumbling, slurring, and smelling of a gas station latrine. Like George Constanza in "The Seven," saying that the name "Blanche" must've sounded horrible at some point.
"...A number of problems remain." As an analyst at Gartner, I must downgrade AAPL stock due to its shortcomings in providing bug-free software. We know that this is beta, but, still, Apple should be releasing bug-free software, even in alpha state. Thus, I will urge my clients to sell its AAPL holdings. Sincerely, Jack Ass Analyst
Why doesn't Carl Icahn (or someone like him) show up at Google shareholder meetings asking about this boondoggle, funded by shareholder money?   Apple puts Dyson hand dryers in their restrooms and people ask, "Why?!" 
AppleInsider: You're as sleazy and misinformed as the analysts and pundits you make fun of for baking numbers and providing laughable predictions. How in the world is this breaking news?! If this is breaking news, can you quote me? Here I go:   There you go. Print it. There's nothing there (null), but it's better than the crap you do print. 
I'm sure Kaspersky has already obtained a copy of OS X and iOS source code. Those guys are geniuses over there. Along with Snowden's help, I'm sure they don't need to ask these companies for anything, as they can get all they need themselves.
Amazes me that Grandma Tilly would get a visit from the SEC for selling stock that might be conspicuously construed as "insider trading" (ie., she coincidentally sells it at the right time; who could've thunk?!).    If you don't think these "analysts" aren't manipulating AAPL (and other) stocks for their gain, I've a bridge to sell you. Markets are emotional, and will react to this junk being manufactured from some analyst, whose predictions are as reliable as throwing...
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