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I got a $50,000 bonus at work today. I told them to keep it since it was "bad news."
With all the hubbub about the Clock icon not displaying the actual time (it now does in iOS 7), where is similar outrage over the static Compass icon? What with the new M7, this should one of those details Apple is famous for not overlooking. Right?
"It has a current estimated value of $1.5 million." Gotta love the Bay Area. I have a lot of friends who have relocated here from and are shocked, floored, and flabbergasted, when they go out house hunting. They come from areas where the home above would cost $150,000, not $1,500,000, and would be torn down immediately to make way for a new one.
Hi, I'm a professional analyst and tech pundit. Based on this bug, I am downgrading AAPL stock to $80 and SELL. I predict Apple will go bankrupt next week and Samsung will overtake them based solely on the fallout from this egregious bug. It means Tim Cook can't code as well as Jobs could. Jobs would've caught this bug in testing and fixed it himself. Edit: Added tag, as someone seems to have taken this seriously.
Um, because they make their own OS, not borrow someone else's. Maybe Tizen will work for you guys, you know, your own blood, sweat, and tears that build it, as opposed to throwing on a few sprinkles and flourishes on the Mountain View product.
Hi, I'm Rob Enderle, the best analyst there is. Judging from what I am seeing here, I will have to downgrade Apple stock to 'junk' status. This is not what I expected. You see, even though lines are around the block, I expected them to go around the block...twice. Thus, my decision.
 Right. Why not require a password to turn the phone off? Am I missing something?  I, for one, won't feel any relief knowing that the phone I'll never see again (and can't locate) can't ever be used again. Yay?
Since nearly all criminals are stupid idiotic jackasses with kindergarten-level education, do they frequent online bulletin boards on the Tor network where they announce the inclusion of a feature that will eat into their iPhone- and iPad-stealing profits? Just curious. I think this will put a trivial dent in subway phone snatchings. I don't think Joe Gangster is going to perform acute analysis of the phone Chuck T. Wallstreetdickhead has pegged to his ear.
Apple must be paying these people to stand in line. No? Ooops, sorry, that was Samsung.
I wonder if they realize that you can't "pull" anything off the web. Once BuzzFeed picks it up, it's over. Now, by pulling it, they look like idiots confirming that this was in bad taste.
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