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iOS 77% + Android 23%. I'm not good at math, so what does that leave Windows Phone with?
Although we all have rosy visions of our favorite fruit company, how does this valuation windfall benefit the rank-and-file of the company, who continue to toil away in a housing market that barely allows most of their employees to afford a studio apartment in San Francisco or an 800-sq-ft house in Cupertino? This is great for Apple. A big {jerking hand motion} to everyone else. What if, let's say, Apple took a chunk of their profits and gave the entire company an...
As an Apple watcher, all I read was "drop in demand." It's over for Apple. Sell the company before the ship sinks.
People, this is normal in Hollywood. It's just that as with anything Apple, every little piece of news gets posted on AI, making us think that it won't happen. About 98.5% of films go through these same motions before a second of action is put on film. Name any successful film of the last 30 years and I bet you 100% that it was punted/rejected at least three times. "The Godfather" is a great example. No one wanted to make it, which is why FFC had to finance most of it...
What about Finder improvements? The performance of Finder from Mavericks to Yosemite on my MBPr 15" (16GB RAM) decreased significantly. I have folder of about 3,000 items that I routinely perform commands on. With Mavericks, simply selecting all the deleting took about 3 seconds; with Yosemite, about 30 seconds. I have a few stories like these. Sad.
This will most likely be a very smooth process. Going from the various flavors of Android running on various flavors of hardware, connecting to various vendors of PCs running myriad Windows flavors shouldn't pose a problem at all. And even so, Apple's Handoff and Continuity aren't near being perfect, even running in a homogeneous landscape.
Does anyone know if this would fall under AT&T's definition of "change to the account," which would require grandfathered unlimited data subscribers to move to a data-capped tier?
What is Apple's response to this? I am urging my clients to sell their AAPL shares until Apple has a response to this new product category from Samsung. Apple is obviously slipping in the 360-degree panoramic camera category, which Samsung is obviously leading.    Richard Cabeça (aka Dick Head) Analyst
I thought the iPhone 6 beat out the Plus in graphics performance? So, why no 1080p for the 6? 
Real headline: WireLurker, Masque Attack malware only a threat for users who disable Apple's iOS, OS X security WSJ version of headline: WireLurker, Masque Attack malware a threat for users who use Apple's iOS, OS X
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