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I'm sure it's the same reason Apple doesn't allow third-party Phone apps on the iPhone. I'm sure none of them would Hindenburg your phone.
"Assembed [sic] in Vietnam" Cool that the misspelling will remain.
Amazing what brings a brick house down. You can run 60 apps at once, have 50 Finder windows open, copy/move 30 files at once...but preview a large JPEG file?! Watch out.
Southern California is not California with regard to naming the next OS X. Completely different vibe.
Trying to reconcile this statement ("Runs a gauntlet of stress tests, including...a power drill") with this one ("Meant to be a simulation of everyday wear and tear...").    Unless Apple Watch/Apple Watch Edition customers are exceedingly in the construction industry? 
n(plus)1 = number of ports one needs, where n is the number of ports one has. I'm mad because my Mini "only" has four ports. It never ends.
Tim is a US citizen and voter in the US. Not in China.
It must be the bank. My Apple Pay runs through my Bank of America card.  Yours? 
I used it at Whole Foods and had to enter my PIN and sign the touchscreen with the touchpen. However, I am certain these extraneous requirements are imposed by everyone in the payment processing chain, except Apple.
The design of the decals is not reassuring. As a market analyst who works with Gene Munster, I must inform my clients to unload all of their APPL holdings due to the font size and rounded corners of the Apple Pay decals/stickers. 
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