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A guy I know is friends with a supply chain guy in Turkmenistan who said that Apple plans to build Apple Watch Kiosks, separate from the Apple Store. These would be located inside airport terminals, posh fashion areas in major cities, and also one in Omaha, Nebraska.
Is this an Onion article?! "People are waiting to see a product they have to wait to see."
I like how companies are content to "catch up." Why don't you ever see a CEO of an Apple competitor come out and say, "We want to SURPASS Apple, not catch up to them."? 
In related news: Tonight's news only mentions that Apple iOS devices can be compromised...and (in whispering voice)...but only those that are jailbroken can be completely compromised.
I don't see the Backup in my Mac's iCloud Control Panel. I do have Backup up and running on my iOS devices.
iOS 8 has easily been the most problematic. What's awesome for Apple is that most of the issues are ineffable, indescribable anomalies that you can't isolate, but which contribute to a crappy user experience. A slowdown here, a soft reboot there, a jerky Springboard motion, an unresponsive Home button press (or five), a Bluetooth toggle that jumps back to Off when you try to slide it to On (have never been able to figure that one out), and so on. 
Waiting for follow-up article, "Apple missing huge opportunity by not developing Smart Covers for lefties!" Huge, I tell you! How do fringe use cases get turned into articles at AI?
iOS 77% + Android 23%. I'm not good at math, so what does that leave Windows Phone with?
Although we all have rosy visions of our favorite fruit company, how does this valuation windfall benefit the rank-and-file of the company, who continue to toil away in a housing market that barely allows most of their employees to afford a studio apartment in San Francisco or an 800-sq-ft house in Cupertino? This is great for Apple. A big {jerking hand motion} to everyone else. What if, let's say, Apple took a chunk of their profits and gave the entire company an...
As an Apple watcher, all I read was "drop in demand." It's over for Apple. Sell the company before the ship sinks.
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