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"Apple could never build a mobile 64-bit chip on their own." - some idiot analyst last year
Apple's losing social awareness ground to Samsung. A superior product that whispers will eventually be outdone by an inferior one that yells.
 I think it's just that people are now starting to roll their eyes every time Cook says, "We have exciting new products in the pipeline that we just can't wait to get into people's hands." The key word is 'new'. Yes, he's refreshed existing products, but what new products have come out under Cook? 
 Please list "amazing new products." Amazing refreshes of existing products don't really count, what with all the NEW products competitors are releasing day in, day out.  Disclaimer: I own 3 shares of APPL, so my desire to see new products at the expense of long-term vision overwhelms my sensibilities. 
 You're right: We've all been saying "gimme now"...for two years. 
To be fair, they have updated the AC adapters and the internals on their keyboards and AirPort Express's. That's definitely 'amazing'. 
 Added 'refreshed' to your post. You obviously forgot. ;) 
Your move, Apple. How many times in the past two years has Cook said, "We've got amazing new products in the pipeline..."? Definitely a bunch of market-appeasing, gasbag bromides at this point. They sound no different than any other vaporware-producing has-been.
Daniel Day Lewis. He will get every single one of Jobs' nuances right. He'll be uncanny. But if Bale duplicates his Patrick Bates role, then he's 98% of the way there. Minus the chainsaw and Huey Lewis.
So it's evident that Jackson has seen an Apple keynote: A bunch of white guys with white guy names preceding and following a bunch of other white guys, all wearing white guy clothing. Now that I mention it, wow, it really is a boys' club.
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