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How about iPhone 6 camera load time with iCloud Photos enabled? Takes you back to 2007, doesn't it?
I'm sure Bethesda, in going iOS-only initially, went with the path of /most/ resistance. (sigh)
I agree with the guy. iOS has 742 different apps to access the myriad media. Claim it's gotten easier/simpler so that I can dropkick you in the thorax.
Pittsburgh = steel for iCar chassis. Pittsburg is in California.
"Labels have been abandoned in favor of stylized glyphs." You wouldn't believe how much it costs to localize. This saves enough money in a year for Tim to get a new Aston Martin DB9.
"What is the return on investment?" Ahold USA executive Maureen Elworthy is quoted as saying at an industry event. "The [return] is negative." Ahold USA is the parent company of supermarket chains Giant and Stop&Shop, among others." The return is a happy customer, dick.
Carly Fiorina, what do you think of this?
Hi, this is Gene Munster. I now advising that all investors SELL their APPL holdings due to this issue with Apple Watch heartbeat monitoring. I am also amending my prediction of Apple Watch sales from 36M in the first year to 200,000.
"Settings > General > Handoff" I think you mean My Watch > General > Enable Handoff.
 You can thank Proposition 13 for that. It's the third-rail of California politics. Fortunately, it's sunsetting soon--the people that benefitted mostly from it are going to die off. It allowed the old-timers to "upgrade" their homes and take their previous property taxes with them. To put it simply, Old Man Herman would pay $1,000 per year, New Family Jones would pay $50,000 per year in the house next door, yet same services provided to both. However, Herman doesn't have...
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