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That's okay, the Nevada Gaming Commission will recoup Pacquiao's bag of money since he didn't check the box on the form asking him if he was injured before the fight. 
They better fix this fast. I am getting the Sport model specifically for cycling, and using it in conjunction with the Strava app. Two "killer apps" for me: 1) getting notifications while cycling, such that I don't have to stop the bike and get my phone out; 2) seeing my Strava stats while on the bike, again, without the need to stop and get my phone out. The Apple Watch will fail (for me) if its power capabilities fall short in this respect.
It's obvious you read my first sentence and never got to the second. My point is that Apple is very well entitled to change their collective minds based on the swift currents of the tech industry.I totally get Apple potentially releasing a stylus, given Force Touch's release and functionality.And for the poster who suggested "blocking" me? Really? Don't like a comment, so censor instead of debate? Grow up.
Wait, but Jobs, in 2007, said the finger was the best stylus in the world. They can't possibly renege on what was said eight years in the tech industry.
What's a "twin Boeing 747"?
Hi, I'm an analyst. Although Apple's in 1st place, they're not in 1st place *enough*. Thus, I am calling for panic regarding Apple's future.
I'm sure it's the same reason Apple doesn't allow third-party Phone apps on the iPhone. I'm sure none of them would Hindenburg your phone.
"Assembed [sic] in Vietnam" Cool that the misspelling will remain.
Amazing what brings a brick house down. You can run 60 apps at once, have 50 Finder windows open, copy/move 30 files at once...but preview a large JPEG file?! Watch out.
Southern California is not California with regard to naming the next OS X. Completely different vibe.
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