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Wow, this sounds a lot like, "An iPad killer is coming soon..."
Amen, brotha! And I don't think thinner is necessarily better. Try holding a piece of paper between your thumb and index finger; not a very reassuring feeling. If it's too thin, the phone would 'snap' 90-degrees if you squeezed it too hard, unless you were applying equal pressure on both sides. Sounds like it'd be an annoying balancing game.
I'm sure HP has a patent on it as well. Let them duke it out in a San Jose courtroom. I know it's a colloquialism, but doesn't 'bust' work just as well? They're synonyms.
Hate to bust everyone's bubble, but HP just announced this same feature for its TouchPad. "And if you have one Charging Dock at work and another at home, the device knows they’re different and can be configured to run different Exhibition apps in either place." - Jason Snell in Macworld
Maybe reword to: "This in turn would allow any Thunderbolt-equipped Mac to be "your Mac" by plugging your Thunderbolt drive."
Re-release FCP 7 and call it a day. Rebrand FCP X as FCE until X is ready to replace 7. It's called a transition period.
Thus, Google is making an extra $50 per day.
Will it include a Memory Stick Pro Duo+ Mega Turbo Extreme slot?
Why do they keep lumping in pre-paid with new hardware? The pre-paid portion is up to the carriers, not hardware makers. Any phone can have pre-paid capabilities through a simple software update.
Even 10% of that would be amazing.
New Posts  All Forums: