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I can see this thing getting an update soon: http://images.apple.com/legal/sla/docs/iphone.pdf
Lower barrier of entry. Crap-ass developers have an easier time getting their apps on Android stores. Bug-laden app can go prime-time on Android in a heartbeat. The App Store actually screens your apps/code and easily figures out you have a grand total of 3.5 hours of experience in writing code. The same reason a lot of people go to work for the government. Great pay, less work.
This type of competition is great. It only makes Apple that much better. Just think of the secret features Apple will announce about iOS 5 come this fall.
This is interesting. In the San Jose Mercury News, there is a column called Mr. Roadshow, where various traffic-related questions are answered (When will that pothole be fixed? etc.). The column is often used by police departments to advertise DUI checkpoints, rationale being that by knowing cops are out enforcing that someone will decide to not drink that night--prevention before incarceration, if you will. If by checking the app I see that a party will be too close to...
Apple should just stop cautiously surveying the market and throw things at the wall to see what sticks, like Google. Their metered, cautious, methodical approach hinders the ability of impatient people like me to jump onto the next big thing regardless of how bad next big thing is. I guess Apple's motto is not "Build it and they will come," but rather, "They will come when we build it."
Wait, so will iCloud replace MobileMe? Can I get my $99 back? (Or, as it were, $74.)
I stopped watching that video as soon as I saw Excel running, like trying to cram a horse carriage into a Ferrari. Surprisingly, TouchMS-DOS was not demonstrated.
Hmmm, didn't Apple just buy a TON of manufacturing equipment a few months ago? I wonder what that's for. To build iCloud? I heard Samsung will be able to manufacture 1.2M iClouds per week. Or OLED displays.
Apple Stores will finally have public restrooms. It'll be those public stalls you see in downtown London or San Francisco, except these will be the type where the glass is transparent, but then goes opaque when the door is locked.
It's a shame Apple doesn't jump on the bandwagon for whatever the latest technology darling is at the moment. I wish they would use their customers as guinea pigs, releasing untested technology as soon as it comes out. We want products that don't work. Even the Nexus S has an NFC chip that can't be used anywhere. What's wrong with that? They should have put a forward-facing camera even before their FaceTime app was ready to go. Throw it in there first and see what...
New Posts  All Forums: