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Phone makers, going to 11 is not always the best option. Having said that, I'd entertain the possibility of a three-screen, dual-keyboard phone.
I wonder if the "greenies" are keeping tabs on this. I'm sure they won't give Apple a gold star for eschewing paper packaging, but they will slap them with a red F for having too many gas guzzler tax-eligible cars in their parking lots.
Unless Apple purchases the NBC/Comcast/Time-Warner triumvirate outright, I see a 40" LCD "hobby" in the future.
And prevent access to the 12 videos that are h.264 enabled?
Can Google block the plug-in from being installed? In the name of openness, of course.
So...what will she be responsible for again? Like product management, I've always wondered what certain positions actually do. Looks great on résumés, but what do they actually do. Software engineer: I know what they do. Baseband chipset engineer: I know what they do. Chef: I know what they do. Janitor: I know what they do. This? I do not know what she will do.
Didn't stop you from buying one, evidently.
Apple should've used the Google product approach: Release the defective product anyway, slap a Beta sticker on the outside of the box, then fix it (hopefully) in the revision (or three). Free user feedback!
Awesome. Looks like my quasi-day job as technical support for friends and family is about to get a shot in the arm. "This is Aunt Milly. I can't find a Solitaire app; there are all these different stores and some of them want my credit card information AND social security number!"
I wonder if Patrick Lo has ever opened up one of his products' instruction guides or navigated their UIs. An amalgamated incomprehensible clusterfuck of Chinglish and regurgitated Google Translate gobbledygook.
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