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Has anyone had problems with the preferences pane of this application? Every time I launch it, it takes about 10 seconds to become responsive (with spinning beach ball) and every time I push/click anything, the beach ball spins for another 10-20 seconds. EVERY TIME. I tested the other panes, but they're all okay, so it must only be this thing. This started happening right after installation, so it's not a matter of it building up "gunk" over time; straight outta the box.
Sweet fancy Moses...
I disagree. I put my iPad2 3g + WiFi in a safe, and it lost both signals almost immediately. I would not recommend this device based on these deficiencies.
I could care about anything except $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. Who's raking in more of it? End of story.
But how many USB/CF/SD/PS-2/ADB/SCSI/VESA/IDE/AGP/PCI ports does it have?
I hear RIM, Dell and Microsoft are already criticizing Apple for releasing the Lion Developer Preview with known issues. "Apple thinks its game is pristine. Well, how are you a billion-dollar company and still release software full of known issues? Apple's closed system prevents the world from helping it release quality software, developer preview or not; had Apple opened its libraries and DLLs and registries, it wouldn't have this issue. Instead, they heap upon...
I'm open-minded. If either HP or Dell make something better, I will buy it. Until then, they should just shut the fuck up. What are we up to now, three? Three competitors whose only responses are bullets on a PowerPoint slide. The only place this kind of shit talking would survive is at a pickup game at Rucker Park.
My home computer with 1.2TB of music is my 'cloud locker'. Audiogalaxy. Done.
If OnLive can do it over the Internet, why couldn't Apple do it over a WiFi network?
I have yet to see a Xoom out in the wild. I travel two to three times per week, and all I see are people waiting for their planes using iPads, with the exception of one Dell Streak in--where else--Texas. I saw a family of four that had--wait a minute!--four iPads!
New Posts  All Forums: