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Even 10% of that would be amazing.
This changes everything.
That is the worst Photochop job I've ever seen.
My quick QA test will be the portrait-to-landscape rotation. Someone please post a video as soon as possible; I want to see how jerky it is.
The same residents that oppose this project are the same ones that complain loudly about potholes, wondering why the city doesn't have any money to fix them. Also, keep in mind that residents of Cupertino are trying to close down the Kaiser Cement Plant in the nearby foothills, a plant that has been there for over 40 years; a plant that was there when the residents decided to purchase their homes in the area; a plant that products the concrete rich Cupertino residents...
This is OT, but where does that $70 billion live? Is it at Bank of America, or multiple banks? Can Jobs walk up to an ATM and withdraw from the Apple account ($300 at a time, of course)? Can he write a check against that $70 billion? If he buys a company, is it an electronic debit? Is there an iMattress?
Why would Steve Jobs have paid for it himself? The guy only makes $1/year.
I can see this thing getting an update soon: http://images.apple.com/legal/sla/docs/iphone.pdf
Lower barrier of entry. Crap-ass developers have an easier time getting their apps on Android stores. Bug-laden app can go prime-time on Android in a heartbeat. The App Store actually screens your apps/code and easily figures out you have a grand total of 3.5 hours of experience in writing code. The same reason a lot of people go to work for the government. Great pay, less work.
This type of competition is great. It only makes Apple that much better. Just think of the secret features Apple will announce about iOS 5 come this fall.
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