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I stopped reading this article when an iPhone 6 was mentioned.
Is Flash really all that necessary? If 'Angry Birds' is someone's only response to "Why do you need Flash?" just show them this HTML5 version: http://www.atlassian.com/en/angrynerds
Wow, this new hire has only a few months to get this up and running from scratch.
After reading this article, I read this one: Apple keeping iPhone 5 cards 'extra close to the vest' in supply chain Doesn't the first one negate this one?
Now run Excel in a dual-monitor environment! Microsoft should charge people for Office. Its open-source roots reek in nearly every feature implementation.... (one second...one second...) I've been told that Microsoft actually charges people for this Chevy Vega of an application.
Of course. You were expecting the defendants to drive the Brinks truck straight to your offices upon receiving the lawsuits, thus bypassing the needs to file said lawsuits. How dare they not comply!
There will be an iPad 3 in 2011. However, they'll do what they did with the iPhone 3G: add an S to its name. I give you the iPad 2S.
Per the six-degrees of separation theory, everyone on this thread is connected to a combined total of 3 people who own WP7 devices.
The people that say they don't do it for the money are the ones with Brinks trucks parked on their gilded driveways.
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