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So this malware does...?
This slider-to-button change is very welcome. It's awesome that developer previews and beta testing are doing their jobs. I can't recall (iCal?) where I've used that slider interface, but it's very confusing to tell what the selection is.
Wow. Apple was such a great company. This is it. It's over. Stock's gonna tank today. Sell your shares. The run has come to an end. Windows Phone 7/Nokia will take over, as will Android. Call in the wolves (or Mr. Wolf).
In the meantime, all the journalists login to their PSN accounts to see how many trophies they've amassed.
Who cares about price? What about the product? It sucks. Glorified PDFs. What's so hard about selecting File > Export in InDesign, then calling it an online magazine? I know The Daily isn't all that, but at least they tried redefining the tablet model by starting from scratch. They moved the platform forward, albeit not that much.
In related news, I am frustrated that NASA won't send me into outer space.
I stopped reading this article when an iPhone 6 was mentioned.
Is Flash really all that necessary? If 'Angry Birds' is someone's only response to "Why do you need Flash?" just show them this HTML5 version: http://www.atlassian.com/en/angrynerds
Wow, this new hire has only a few months to get this up and running from scratch.
After reading this article, I read this one: Apple keeping iPhone 5 cards 'extra close to the vest' in supply chain Doesn't the first one negate this one?
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