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How does this explain the lack of lines in sunny northern California?
It's funny how these companies, including Apple, have never asked the question, "Who gives a shit about the customers?" in these back and forth high school-level antics. That I can't get the Sony e-reader or Sony music because these "whiners" can't come up with a solution to a non-technical issue is a bunch of mackerel paste.
In related news, Apple portables to be offered in tin enclosures.
My prediction: Flash on iPad 2 (i.e., iOS 4.3).
Isn't it funny how this is always the case...until Apple comes up with something!?
The pad's nice, the phone lame.
"Bob, you've been an engineer on the OS X team for 5 years now. However, your performance has suffered as of late. I suggest a move into the Apple Store Engineering Department. You'd be responsible for designing doorknob-less doors, hingeless cabinets, and invisible mirrors."
Hey AI (or whomever is responsible for the chipset photos), can you place a reference object next to these photos? It's hard to tell how big/small they are. Being geeks, it's nice to know such things.
Phone makers, going to 11 is not always the best option. Having said that, I'd entertain the possibility of a three-screen, dual-keyboard phone.
I wonder if the "greenies" are keeping tabs on this. I'm sure they won't give Apple a gold star for eschewing paper packaging, but they will slap them with a red F for having too many gas guzzler tax-eligible cars in their parking lots.
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