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Italian guy in Seattle with a white iPhone claiming he is testing it for Apple. Oh man, there must a million of those guys for Apple to sift through. Call Bullshit on this one.
I was hoping for Santiago Calatrava. His aesthetic IMHO is more inline with Apple's.
Why the word 'silently'? Implies AI was expecting a media event announcing this move.
So Michael Jackson is on Ping, and we will get to see what he likes/dislikes? I downloaded an album Tupac Shakur 'liked' yesterday.
To appease hardware geeks who want USB ports, SD card slots, PCMCIA, VESA, PCI-X, AGP and every other port on the iPad: It will have 17 cameras. Now shut up.
What's the Education pricing all about? $2,299 for a $29 adapter in the education market? I'm obviously missing something, but I fail to see a look-below asterisk.
Yes, keep adding ports and docks and slots and cameras...because we could care less about the UI. Do these companies not get it? Any of us could buy peripheral-packed knockoffs at Fry's for the last 10 years. Ten USB ports? Check. Five SD card slots? Check. Seventeen cameras? Check. Fifty-two HDMI ports? Check. Excellent UI? Ummm, we'll get back to you on that. It's so much easier to add commodity peripherals and slots. Software development requires...
There's your problem right there.
Has anyone confirmed that the PlayBook shown in the video has anything else running on it? For example, the OS?
It's nice that Adobe has decided to respond with its engineering instead of its PR department. One helps its customers, the other its ego.
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