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Will I, along with the other 42 people who have accounts, be able to use Google Wallet?
Apple needs to get its house in order, or else revenue is going to slip 0.43%.
I don't know why Apple is being pro-consumer instead of pro-developer. Sarcasm aside, do these developers realize that there is a choice? The Android Marketplace is just around the corner. Take your whining ass and go there if the App Store sucks. If I'm at a discoteque that sucks, I go down the street to a discoteque that doesn't.
Unfortunately for customers, developers hold the cards. If they don't like Apple's terms, we're the ones that get screwed by not getting access to a lot of great apps. (Darwin will take care of the shitcrap apps.) That being said, I doubt they'd eschew the Brinks trucks that back into their banks everyday, even with the 30% going to Apple. I'd call their bluff by checking up on the bitching developers that claim they're going to bail on the App Store; I bet they're still...
That will look as gay as using an iPad to take photos in public.
People, you can still buy from a vendor's website. Nothing changes. If you wish to give your credit card info to ShadyApps, go for it. I'm sticking with iTunes/Apple to guard my credit card info. If they can't, then why would ShadyApps be able to?
I agree. I have a feeling that my computer's uptime and reliability are little bit inferior to that of a dedicated server farm with redundancy up the wazoo, and backups of backups of backups. I also now have to keep my computer on 24/7? What if there's a power failure? What if my daughter pulls the plug, ala Johnny in "Airplane!"?
Wouldn't this fall into the same territory that we all criticize Android for, namely fragmentation of app development? Developers would need to consider 3 different screen sizes when they develop their apps. Unless, instead of a 2x button, there's a 0.5x one.
MPEG LA is being Evil. Thus: Don't Be Evil.
So, if they just recently acquired these companies, does that mean improved notifications won't show up until iOS 8.2.1?
New Posts  All Forums: