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Ok, and this data means just what to me? I use iOS because Android sucks; looks and feels like it was programmed by a bunch of dudes in a basement playing D&D between compiles. And that should mean nothing to anyone else. I like iOS; I think Android sucks. The data mean the same thing - it's personal.
Lawyer fight!
I took a picture of the Xoom launch at a local Best Buy, and had to Photoshop people IN.
I'm calling the new Parental Controls the dark horse "killer app." You watch.
How dare Apple adopt a new, unproven technology! Name one time in which they've succeeded in adopting (or eschewing) a new (or old) technology. Heed the words of Henry Ford, which I hear is imprinted on a marble slab on the ground in the foyer of Apple HQ: "If I'd asked my customers what they wanted, they'd have said a faster horse."
Seems very un-Apple like to release "interim" products used solely as stopgaps until better products roll around. This to me is Apple feeling threatened by the competition and is now resorting to the same tactics people lambast Apple's competitors for in the first place: releasing crap first, good stuff later. Google is adept at this, releasing perpetually-in-beta products to give them time to create, if ever, version 1.0.
Gizmodo hired a plane to view the recent demolition of the Jackling House Are you kidding me?
The patent trolls awaken...
Will I, along with the other 42 people who have accounts, be able to use Google Wallet?
Apple needs to get its house in order, or else revenue is going to slip 0.43%.
New Posts  All Forums: