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This story would have been AMAZING/GROUNDBREAKING/AWESOME/UNHEARD OF/SHOCKING/FLABBERGASTING/EARTH-SHATTERING/UNDENIABLY FANTASTIC/ORGASMIC had it been released the day before the Verizon iPhone announcement.
One of the anti-high-res-display arguments is that the 2x-res icons are being placed there in anticipation of an eventual "Retina Display" iPad 3. Why would software decisions about iPad 3 be made now? Using this logic, we should have found Mac App Store references in Leopard. I thus believe that we will see a retina-level display in the next iPad.
Why can't Apple adopt the Google School of Software Development and unleash it upon its customers, who can beta test it on the fly? Why take a long time to provide something good, when you can pump out mediocrity today? Just throw a BETA logo in the upper left-hand corner and call it a day.
Yes it is. This is to kill the PlayBook, HP webOS tablet, and Xoom the second they arrive. Why have the same display as those wanna-bes?
iPad 1 for the living room, iPad 2 for the bathroom. Done.
Yea, but vapor is invisible. How can an iPad crush an invisible competitor? It can't. The Invisible Man rarely got his ass kicked. You know why? BECAUSE HE WAS INVISIBLE. Vapor. Invisible. BOOYAH. Eat that iPad. (Oh wait, you can't. Because you can't find it.)
The CEO of the richest company on the planet wearing a hoodie, ripped 501s, and running shoes. AWESOME. I bet Japanese executives, all tied up in their blazers 24/7, look at him and drool--or sneer.
Apple should appease these other publications by adopting the Google 2-step system of app deployment: Release an application the second it finishes compiling, stick a beta logo in the upper left-hand corner, then have the world be your beta testers. Remain in beta for about 4 years so you can use it as an out in case anything happens (data loss, privacy breach, etc.). Using this system would appease all of us salivating at the prospect of yet another release of Apple...
What about a combo CDMA/GSM chip/phone? Possible? Why not? (Keep in mind that a computer smaller than the size of a room was impossible at one point in time. And it's not like it would be a quantum leap, but more like a x.x.1 update.)
Well, you know what this means--AMOLED for iPad 2.
New Posts  All Forums: