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That will look as gay as using an iPad to take photos in public.
People, you can still buy from a vendor's website. Nothing changes. If you wish to give your credit card info to ShadyApps, go for it. I'm sticking with iTunes/Apple to guard my credit card info. If they can't, then why would ShadyApps be able to?
I agree. I have a feeling that my computer's uptime and reliability are little bit inferior to that of a dedicated server farm with redundancy up the wazoo, and backups of backups of backups. I also now have to keep my computer on 24/7? What if there's a power failure? What if my daughter pulls the plug, ala Johnny in "Airplane!"?
Wouldn't this fall into the same territory that we all criticize Android for, namely fragmentation of app development? Developers would need to consider 3 different screen sizes when they develop their apps. Unless, instead of a 2x button, there's a 0.5x one.
MPEG LA is being Evil. Thus: Don't Be Evil.
So, if they just recently acquired these companies, does that mean improved notifications won't show up until iOS 8.2.1?
How does this explain the lack of lines in sunny northern California?
It's funny how these companies, including Apple, have never asked the question, "Who gives a shit about the customers?" in these back and forth high school-level antics. That I can't get the Sony e-reader or Sony music because these "whiners" can't come up with a solution to a non-technical issue is a bunch of mackerel paste.
In related news, Apple portables to be offered in tin enclosures.
My prediction: Flash on iPad 2 (i.e., iOS 4.3).
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