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There's your problem right there.
Has anyone confirmed that the PlayBook shown in the video has anything else running on it? For example, the OS?
It's nice that Adobe has decided to respond with its engineering instead of its PR department. One helps its customers, the other its ego.
I am going to laugh so amazingly hard when, on the day this thing ships, Apple announces iPad 2. And now that The Beatles are available, that leaves Tool as the biggest iTunes omission.
this case is akin to jeffrey dahmer lobbying against the american beef council.
Will the three people who use Blu-Ray please raise their hands?
Is anyone genuinely surprised that "sometime in November" actually meant November 30?
My hack involves waiting for the official release. (Now I know where all those people whining on Apple forums about their broken computer come from.)
You've just rendered AI forums useless!
How much will the ecosystem cost? I'll want more than 34 apps, 27 of which will probably be Solitaire.
New Posts  All Forums: