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Seen the flood of iPad knockoffs from Asia right after the iPad was shown to the world? Why give your competitors any advantage, even if that means pissing off only the people that read AI and a few developers? Sounds like a good deal to me.
Email Steve. Apparently, he's been responding to emails, albeit curtly. But in your case, that would do: yes or no! I think it's sjobs@apple.com
I think the iWork apps are going to be the dark horse, and will end up becoming the "killer apps." On another note, the big difference I've seen with the iPad (iPhone OS) compared to other tablet is the flourishes on UI elements. With the iPad the UI elements, animations and transitions seem natural. Things move where they're supposed to, they look amazing yet functional, and don't interfere with what you're doing. It seems that in trying to differentiate...
Well, it's obvious Mr. Calamera didn't realize his potential with MobileMe. I hope they hire someone who can take it from "Meh" to "Wow."
Thanks for the clarity. So many people hate the Apple TV for delivering what is without a doubt a spiritless experience. However, 100% of that is directly attributable to content providers for doing what they do best--trying to find out ways of fucking consumers instead of figuring out the best way to give them what they want--content. That is the single reason why I pirate, and I'll be happy to admit as much if some idiotic content owner were to ask me why I do so. They...
It looks like Microsoft might finally be making some interesting, desirable products, what with the new Zune phone and the Courier concept. However, I have one question: How does a company with such a large warchest and an army of talented engineers follow and not lead? They sit back, wait for someone else to change the landscape, then point at said landscape and exclaim, "We are going to do that, and do it better! (By the holidays)!"
I never said Apple manufactured anything; it's well known that they don't. However, if they spec something to a manufacturer, as paying customers they should get what they want. Apple just has tighter tolerances on pretty much everything it makes. I just replaced the hard drive on my early-2008 MacBook Pro. Buried deep inside were these wonderful looking screws, angled just right for easy removal/installation. Why? As Mark Twain would probably say, "Because that's the way...
Hmm, I wonder what part of the term 'contract manufacturer' do they not understand.Most of these manufacturers, although not able to use the exact same parts in other projects, gain invaluable information from cutting-edge manufacturing techniques, which Apple is always adopting.One of my friends works at A***e and claims that most of the processes must remain proprietary for a period of time after the manufacturing run ends, after which they can apply to other customers'...
If you watched the last Saturday Night Live (1.30.2010), there was an iPad reference. During one of the 10 second scenes shown between commercials (they usually show the studio preparing for the next skit), they showed the cameramen's 'set list'. On the upper right-hand corner of the list was "iPad"; I couldn't make out the rest of the note. (I am positive it wasn't 'iPod'.) My theory is Apple might have booked a commercial time slot just in case.
And my friend the Apple employee still gets a serf-like salary. E pluribus unum, I suppose.
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