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The PlayBook will only need a few bullets on the box it will ship in: Runs Flash Can play a 1080p video in the background while you play Checkers in the foreground. Useful! Flash Dual-hexacore modulus RAM with L6 cache and asynchronous step-down transformers (iPad has none of these worthless hardware specs) Plays Adobe Corporation's Flash content using its built-in Flash plug-in, which the iPad doesn't have See bullets above
The fact that Apple will place a NFC device into the iPad/iPhone isn't surprising; Google is doing it as well. What will set Apple apart is that they'll actually make a software front-end that will make the hardware useful. Most other companies throw hardware into their product just to say they have said hardware, although they're virtually useless because the user is left to figure out its intended use on their own. See FaceTime for the proper way to introduce new...
"Hi, this is Jim Balsilly, CEO of RIM. I just wanted to let Deutsche Bank know that the PlayBook will run Flash. It'll run Flash, god dammit. FLASH!" On a separate note, iOS needs to address this. It is very unlike Apple to have an entire piece of UI real estate be virtually useless; the lock screen does nothing other than tell the time. I see a glowing screen, or a sleep indicator that could double as a new-email alert. Maybe it could be touch-sensitive and replace the...
If this is a calculated move on Apple's part, it's genius. If it isn't, still genius. Either way, start warming up the Brink's truck, 'cause it's going to be another huge payday for the Fruit.
This story would have been AMAZING/GROUNDBREAKING/AWESOME/UNHEARD OF/SHOCKING/FLABBERGASTING/EARTH-SHATTERING/UNDENIABLY FANTASTIC/ORGASMIC had it been released the day before the Verizon iPhone announcement.
One of the anti-high-res-display arguments is that the 2x-res icons are being placed there in anticipation of an eventual "Retina Display" iPad 3. Why would software decisions about iPad 3 be made now? Using this logic, we should have found Mac App Store references in Leopard. I thus believe that we will see a retina-level display in the next iPad.
Why can't Apple adopt the Google School of Software Development and unleash it upon its customers, who can beta test it on the fly? Why take a long time to provide something good, when you can pump out mediocrity today? Just throw a BETA logo in the upper left-hand corner and call it a day.
Yes it is. This is to kill the PlayBook, HP webOS tablet, and Xoom the second they arrive. Why have the same display as those wanna-bes?
iPad 1 for the living room, iPad 2 for the bathroom. Done.
Yea, but vapor is invisible. How can an iPad crush an invisible competitor? It can't. The Invisible Man rarely got his ass kicked. You know why? BECAUSE HE WAS INVISIBLE. Vapor. Invisible. BOOYAH. Eat that iPad. (Oh wait, you can't. Because you can't find it.)
New Posts  All Forums: