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That stretch gesture when you reach the left- or right-most app is pretty cool. I like how Apple adds eye candy that is functional and not just for eye candy's sake. Why isn't there an option for 'Always' in the SMS repeat? Battery drain?
Reminds me of the Steven Wright joke where he starts, "About two years ago...no, wait, it was last night."
Google: Posturing first, customers second.
Oh no, the cat is out of the bag! This has totally blindsided Apple. Apple was expecting competitors to stick with 3G for at least 7 years, but it looks like the other side is trying to move on to the next big technology standard. Apple will now have to go back to the drawing board to stay competitive. (However, it looks like they'll be at least 2 years behind because they didn't except to ever happen.) Apple engineers hadn't even considered anything past 3G, but now...
Apple is slipping on their UI. The WiFi icon is not aligned with the top of the text to its right ("To..."), although the Bluetooth icon is. What's going on, Infinite Loop?
Slightly off topic, but you know what amazes me? 13 million. Apple will manufacture 13 million iPhones. Not plastic clothes hangers. Not rubber o-rings. Not Coke bottles. No, they will build 13 million iPhones--ultra-complex iPhones. We all know the stories from Asia, whereby Apple whips its employees until they each pump out 40 iPhones per minute, etc. It's mind boggling to me how they can produce that many phones, regardless of how big the factories are or how many...
Anyone using the word 'competition' in this thread will be flogged. The table shown in the article needs to be stamped with a DUOPOLY watermark. Everyone, remain in a bent over position.
Awesome. Now go take that Introduction to UI Design down at the local community college, and pass the info along to your open-source friends. For having a lot of wherewithal and gumption, it amazes me how smart, dedicated open-source developers can't for the life of them figure out when something looks like shit. The VLC Mac app looks like Godzilla screwed a stapler. Guys, I'll pay $1 to have something that looks a little better than a pile of leaves.
In related news, RIM resurrects BeOS to launch their own desktop OS so they can develop an iTunes killer, dubbed "BlackTunes."
It would be a smart move for Apple to let Verizon have the spotlight on this one. For if they have an iPhone 5 announcement this summer...well, even a fanboi would start to .
New Posts  All Forums: