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I don't think Apple would release one end of a technology without the other end being ready. FaceTime is a perfect example, in which Apple didn't just arbitrarily throw a front-facing camera on the phone without the accompanying software being ready. Maybe Apple provides the POP hardware and/or software to retailers that works with the new iPhone. I doubt they'd just throw the NFC-enable iPhones into the wild and hope everything sorts itself out.
If I read the headline correctly, then yes, I am indeed "waiting for Verizon to upgrade"...their network to LTE.
What if the iPhone found in the bar was a CDMA version? HEAD EXPLODES!
Yesterday, it was vaporware. Now it's pre-announcing vaporware. What's next? Recalling vaporware?
Regarding the new Apple TV, I sure hope that current owners of the device can upgrade to the new OS. As it stands, we've been using a beta OS this entire time. If this were to happen, I'm sure it'd be like the transition to iOS 4, in which earlier devices didn't support all features in the new OS. That's fine. I just hope they don't leave us completely out in the cold.
Arcade Fire's new album is out. So who cares about her and her late husband's band's overplayed music.
"I hereby announce the MacBook Hydrogen! And here it..." BOOM!
What a wench. I hope in 10 years everyone forgets they exist, only to see her hanging out on the lawn outside 1 Infinite Loop, waiting for CEO Tim Cook to enter, begging for him put her songs on iTunesX, only to hear him respond, "Where were you 10 years ago, third-rate artist?"
Obviously not written by an SF native. Do not call it "San Fran" nor "Frisco." It's "The City." Or, if you're referring to it from outside the Bay Area, San Francisco works just fine.
I don't understand this data point. Is this referring to customers who bought the phone, never experienced antenna issues, yet still state that they disliked said antenna issues? I'd hope that the data only take into account users who actually experienced a problem, and are not just responding psychosomatically to the negative publicity.
New Posts  All Forums: