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I call Bullshit on these rumors. I thought I had just read a Microsoft article what with the 34 or so SKUs listed. "And we're going to have a West Coast version, like a Cal King bed, that's 5.6" by 12.9", and also a Mexican version that's 1.4" by 35.1"," said a gesticulating Steve Ballmer at the Microsoft Partner Conference. "And wait until you see the ones with the foldable slideout keyboard with a 53-in-1 card reader and 17 USB ports. You asked, we listened! "Oh,...
I'm sure HUD is on the radars of many car companies. However, I'm betting that the holdup is the DOT. Their safety standards require years of testing before such things are granted approval for use on cars. They're like the FDA of cars.
I'm an Apple fanboi, but this is f-ed up. The company needs to swallow their pride and fix this issue. I mean, c'mon, it took them 3 years to realize that there was a bug in the code that displays the signal bars? Give me an f-ing break. The code these guys work on would melt a Cray supercomputer, and a bug like that gets by them? If that's the case, the entire iPhone software team should be fired. I am taking my iPhone 4 into an Apple Store this week to get a...
I did. It came out in 2005. They took the zero off the N80.
All I know is that Apple better not treat the "hobbyists" who bought the original ATV like pee-ons by deprecating them from receiving any of these purported updates. I live down the street from Apple HQ, and it only takes 10 minutes for me to drive down there and throw my ATV out the window and into their main entrance foyer.
It's funny how immature and idiotic companies are on their blogs. I looked but can't find the URL to Apple's blog. Can someone post it? I did find Steve Jobs' personal blog. Hilarious!
I knew it was too good to be true. I woke up this morning, checked my App Store app reservation, which I made last week, and, lo and behold, it's no longer there. I logged into Apple Concierge page for the Apple Store in which I made my reservation as well--gone, GONE. I am now wary of walking into the Apple Store tonight only to be told to get in the Purchases line, which will definitely be empty as I'm sure non-reserved iPhones will be sold out. I have the...
You definitely contradict your username. Thanks for helping!
Let's clear the air right now: iOS 4 on iPhone 3G sucks. How do I revert?
Bullshit. Prove it to me by meeting in the dark alley behind the Blue Oyster Bar tonight at 11 p.m. so I can see it for myself. Don't mind my two friends.
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