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I sort of agree. Yes, it's hardware and software working together, no doubt. However, Otellini seems to think that if you provide great hardware, everything else will fall into place. He wishes it were that easy. I thought that maybe Windows Phone 7 might achieve that great symbiotic relationship, but didn't they just announce that 10,000 different phone makers are going to use their software? I just read the review on the new LG running WP7. It has a landscape keyboard...
It's the software, stupid.
In comparing Steve Jobs to Steve Ballmer, all I can conjure are the wisdom-infused words of Sun Tzu: Be extremely subtle, even to the point of formlessness. Be extremely mysterious, even to the point of soundlessness. Thereby you can be the director of the opponent's fate. - in an interview with Shaolin Wen of 36 Chambers magazine, 537 B.C.
I already heard that Microsoft would ditch Photoshop for MS Paint--but with a bigger color palette and multiple-lasso feature.
WSJ just released news that Apple is "rumored" to be working on the 5th-gen iPhone. I mean, really WSJ, are you fucking kidding me? I could make some wisecracks, but I can't because your corporate ineptitude is too saddening. If Walter Cronkite were alive today, he'd defecate on your typewriters.
I hear LG and HTC are going to do a similar pilot program with Android-powered tablets in Kia and Hyundai showrooms.
Investor fears of iOS losing shares to Android were evidenced today, which saw Apple stock rise over 10 points.
(Disclosure: I own an iPad) Microsoft, let's see what you got. I have an open mind, so if it's something worth buying, I'll buy it. I don't care that you have a shitty record of releasing vaporware. America is a country based on forgiveness and rebirth; I'm sure a lot of us can forget your past sins and allow you to start anew in regaining the trust of consumers by assuring us that you won't release another pile of shit, only to get it right in v34.1. Stop throwing...
I hear they're suing the Department of Defense, given that they invented the internet.
Exactly. It's a solution without a problem. I asked one person who demanded the iPad have a USB port what they needed it for: "Well, it should just have one. All computers do!" "But what would you plug into it?" "I don't know, maybe my camera or something." "They make an SD card adapter." "Oh. Well, still, it should have a USB port. Or, what if I want to transfer files to it." "Well, there are 21st solutions to that, some of which involve magically managing files on...
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