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That's it, Apple is hiding something. Proof of this is I heard about one guy in southeastern Wyoming who had to wait an extra 0.8 seconds for his home screen to be displayed after unlocking (using the unlock slider on the unlock screen) his phone. To make matters worse, when he launched an app the swoosh animation from the springboard lagged by 0.32 seconds; he has video proving this defect. Apple is hiding something. They need to fess up, either through another press...
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Well, it's evident the guy's adept at "climbing" the ladder: He has a Prana shirt on. Prana is a clothing maker heavily associated with the rock climbing crowd. Shit, in fact, he might even own the company given the compensation he's getting.
I agree with AT&T that dropped call statistics obtained anecdotally is severely flawed, laying a dropkick to the scientific method's larynx. If anything, it's a single-blind study: AT&T users have heard how crappy their network is for so long that they'd be happy to gripe about the one dropped call they had 12 years to someone calling to obtain their "scientific opinion." AT&T, I'm with you on this one. Now give me a $100 gift card.
I'd switch to T-Mobile. For where I live, work and play around, T-Mobile gave me excellent coverage. I'd bet $100 that they'd have all you can eat data for lower than what AT&T charged back in the day when they had infinite data plans.
What a stupid question. I would understand if Apple made, let's say, 350 iPads over the course of 6 weeks when they know they have at least 3 million drooling customers. That would definitely be "under-estimating demand." When they're cranking out 3.5 million iPads, does the fact that 4 million people want them constitute artificially-created demand?
Are banana trees native to Northern California? Or, for that matter, California? Or, for that matter, the USA? That might be your problem right there.
"Look at our phones. They're beautiful. Jony Ive spent 13 years designing it. But for the phone to work, you have to throw this gay-ass cover on it and conceal the fruits of Jony's labor. Why look at a wonderful achievement in industrial design when you can ogle at Hello Kitty's ass?!" Does anyone offer a clear bumper case?
Does Shawn Wu really say "AAPL" when he's talking? That's how he's quoted. "Eh, Eh, Pee, Ell." I wonder if he spells it out. I would think so if they wrote it that way; otherwise, it's simply pronounced Apple.
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