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I want to see bank account statements. I doubt shareholders smile when they see 100% market penetration and $0 gross profits.
Motorola reminds me of PARC, who were sitting on gold piles of IP they had no clue how to market. Then someone comes along and makes them look like a bunch of buffoons. Cue lawsuits to create parity.
In related news, the next iPad will be newer than the old one.
I don't care about market share, units shipped, etc. SHOW ME THE MONEY (I.E., GROSS PROFITS)! Wonder what that tables looks like then. One Apple iPhone makes Apple more money than 10,000 Jitterbugs sold in Florida, so who cares about unit shipments.
Prediction: White iPhone is released on Verizon first, providing yet another incentive to switch to Verizon from AT&T.
Yet another example of the TSA's incompetence and its arbitrary regulations. Because we all know that terrorist technology only allows them to integrate a bomb with the 13-inch MBA.
This is done on the stanchions of high-performance mountain bike suspension forks and the body shafts of rear shocks. Pretty cool stuff. RockShox has their own nitriding machines out in Colorado; huge bastards! Fox Racing Shox also does this new one called Kashima Coat, from the Miyaki Coporation of Japan. Fox Racing Shox is about a half hour's drive from Apple HQ. What a logical corporate connection: mountain bikes and computers.
In related news, Mossberg knocks the Ferrari 599 GTO for being expensive compared to a Kia Sephia, although he prefers the performance of the Ferrari.
"Mr. Smith, we are providing you with prototype APIs that will enable this app to realize its full potential. These APIs will enable your iFart app to access the never before published capabilities of the embedded DSP to allow your app to generate Dolby 9.1 surround."
Only 17 buttons?! Sony's learning!
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