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Didn't Larry Ellison give Steve props during antennagate? I know a nice little coffee shop in downtown Palo Alto where they could meet.
I stopped reading the article at "...digital stylus pen." In related news: Digging up my US Robotics Palm Pilot, circa 1997.
HP has a touchscreen desktop computer and it's amazing. I am shocked Apple has decided to not follow HP into this segment. I spoke to the only guy whp owns one in Florida and he says he loves it, and would buy another one if he could only find it.
Rhetorical? Are you suggesting that iPad's weight has reach its nadir?
I treat this battle the same way I treat my sports teams: I usually pick the one that's 42-4, not 4-42.
Exhibition is a great feature. Apple should take note and do something with the useless Lock screen on the iPhone. Ironic, given their adherence to UI efficiency and rejection of superfluous UI elements.
No wonder Wall Street symbolizes greed and cock-suckery: Apple blows away every singe prediction (maybe they're pissed 'cause no one got it right?), and yet they hang the company for selling 46 too few iPads. Next quarter Apple provides Shawn Wu with a hand job?
I think it was pretty clear that the analogy is about tablets. When you bought the touch, did you think you were buying a 'small tablet'?
Silicon Valley is cool. I mean, here you have an area, about 100-square miles, in which honchos from some of the most powerful companies on the planet can just drive (or walk) over to each others' houses for a chat and a stroll. It's a good thing Seattle is far, far away. I can't picture Ballmer hanging out in downtown Palo Alto, lest he starts doing silly little backflips on the sidewalk and behaving like Nicholas Cage in [insert any Nicholas Cage film title].
Wow, awesome photos.
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