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An artist's rendering is created by selecting the iPhone image in Photoshop and click-dragging a corner handle? Artist rendering my ass.
MS's R&D budget is bigger than all of Apple combined. (What comes out of that R&D shop, other than the Word grammar checker, is fodder for another thread.)
Awesome! Can I go into an Apple Store and get this patent applied to my discolored white iPhone right now?! I called and they said they haven't arrive yet, however.
No way...the winner is the sudden use the word 'backtrack' when 'undo' has worked for hundreds of years. (The sentence would need to be restructured, of course.)
On the contrary, I doubt any Apple fanboys are on the PalmInsider site wasting their time.
Three Palm Pre click ads on one page!
How does that make sense? So, did last week's downloaders get a "better, newer" version, or did Apple find issues and scale back today's build?
I downloaded 3.0 (Gold Master) last week and my build number is 7A341. Hope I didn't get gipped.
What's the build number (eg, 7A341)?
I'm no scientist, but how many updates to Time Machine are needed? You copy a file from a disk to another disk, update a file with timestamps, end of story. I suppose 98% of the issue is from the superfluous UI.
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