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Does Steve Jobs have a patent on the hidden microphone? That Asus executive looks like Justin Timberlake with that Star Trek apparatus appended to his face.
This is the issue with opening your mouth before you have something to show: Regardless of what you say is or isn't the truth, any negative press--true or not--will have a deleterious effect. For an analyst to say, "The battery won't last," and for your response to be, "Yes it will"--well, that simply does not look good. It's a lot better to STFU, release your product, then let it speak for itself, after which people will judge it on the actual product, on not on...
Unfortunately, Mac Pro 1,1 users with the nVidia 7300 GT video cards (even with a firmware update to the latest ROM) are still out of luck. iPhoto '11 is still almost unusable.
You must have an ATRAC-compatible Sony device with a built-in Memory Stick Duo port (not Memory Stick or Memory Stick Select) to stream music. However, it will work with Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo if your device is ATRAC3plus-compatible. ATRAC3 (LP2 and LP4 Modes) devices can use the Memory Stick XC (also known as Memory Stick Format Series for Extended High Capacity) to store streams, but can only do so if the songs are longer than 4m52s.
Is it me, or is Andy Rubin's finger waaaaay bigger than those icons?
I doubt very much that TV executives (i.e., Hollywood) went begging to Steve to be a part of his insular, 99-cent world.
These rumors must have a long tail. There is no way this decision was made, let's say, in the last 6 months, assuming that such an iPad is due to be released in January. Or is there? Apple is known for making last minute manufacturing decisions to respond to changing market dynamics.
Zuck Fuckerberg. Where is the Steve Jobs movie? "Take This, Jobs, and Shove It"
This explains the (light) motorcycle sounds I heard coming from inside my iPad.
Most Popular App: WikiLeaks (Battlefield Edition)
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