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It's over for Apple. I am an analyst and am downgrading Apple stock to junk status after the details of this Mavericks update was released. If all we can get in a x.1 release is a Mail update and some VoiceOver patches, then that means Apple can't innovate anymore. I expect a home run each and every time, even for a x.x.1 release.
Do promotional giveaways count as "sold" when Samsung releases its sales figures?
Tim Cook doesn't have the killer instinct. I heard that Samsung is making the thirteen employees that work at their four stores work during Thanksgiving.
Can AI check their logs to see if any Samsung-owned IP addresses are all over these iWatch stories? Curious.
This is great reporting! The rumor that's been a rumor for years has been placed on hold due to another rumor. We can't verify that the Apple television is real, but we can tell you that the information about it being placed on hold is!    That's like telling someone, "The check is really in the mail. My friend here will tell you it's really true; he doesn't lie." 
 I was, but I don't think anyone's mom/grandmother was. The marketing department needs to do some work, not just engineering. 
Look, I know Apple isn't Samsung and doesn't just make and throw everything at the wall to see what sticks. But these announcements are getting be a yawn-inducing borefest, what with not a single surprise in the last few years. We haven't had a "And one more thing..." in years. Predictable, and that means irrelevant at some point. Something, anything...it's obvious the security imperative Cook set forth a year or so ago isn't sticking; the supply chain is as transparent...
It's over. 
Is it just me, or are these events getting very, very long in the tooth? Just one more "One more thing..." would reinvigorate the masses. As it is, these are old, predictable, and outright dull.
"as Samsung ponders Gear refresh" Or: Samsung waits for Apple's watch announcement.
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