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Interesting. Now, as an armchair cinema critic who, from my mother's basement, knows more about cinema than the people who run Hollywood (sort of like how most of us on this forum know more about Apple than the people who work there and run it), I would like to second-guess this choice of director. I say that Jonathan Demme should direct.
Reminds me of the difference between an AK-47 (shoot a billion bullets in that general vicinity, you might hit something, you might not) and an M-16A2 (conserve bullets, more precision, one shot-one kill). Guess which one's Samsung?
Hi, I am Jackass Analyst, working here at Dickhead Financial Holdings, Inc. Due to this underwhelming update, I am recommending investors dump their AAPL holdings. This update proves that Apple doesn't have the creativity and ingenuity needed to survive the Samsung/Android onslaught. We don't need SSL fixes; we need 3D spatial/facial/retinal epidermal turbo heuristic magical cancer-curing technology in this update.
This thing will need to work flawlessly, lest the press will come out in droves to ridicule it. If this is anything like those print readers on those $200 LaCie drives, I can write Samsung's obituary now.
I think they're confusing Apple with Microsoft.
I get Bitcoin and what it's trying to do, but at this point it's only going to be popular for the masses...of technophiles. I include myself in that category, and we are not as ubiquitous as we'd like to think we are. Remember, the litmus test is this is: Would your grandpa use it?
Your mission, should you choose to accept it: Find that VAIO running OS X and post it on eBay.
Hi, I'm a Wall Street analyst and this pie-in-the-sky rumor does not match what our internal predictions are for iOS8. We are expecting Apple to release a native portfolio tracking application, that allows high-wealth customers to track their net worth with hourly alerts.    Since this rumor does not match our real predictions, I am downgrading Apple to a SELL. 
 My litmus test is: What would happen to you if you said this to a group of five dudes in downtown Oakland.  You'd get your ass beat, that's what. Just because you have Harvard lawyers writing your pretty copy doesn't make it any less thuggish. Thuggish behavior should be met with a punch to the face, is what I say. 
I am for this only if Apple's customer service/reputation/quality/dispute resolution trumps that of PayPal's.    PayPal's policies are the worst in the industry. Any industry. Just Google 'PayPal horror stories'. Wait, just Google 'PayPal'. 
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