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Little mix of all.  You obviously have never seen an Apple keynote then if what I wrote doesn't make your truth bone tingle even slightly, what with the dearth of anyone other than white men on the boards and executive ranks of most Silicon Valley companies. If you want to dodge discussing that to attack my "racist, sexist, ableist, mentally defective" post, go for it, and be like the rest of Silicon Valley in ignoring the white male (ooops, I mean female...
"At least two of the people in the photo also appear in a group picture taken..." Let me guess: the two WHITE MEN. Surely, the women must be models/aspiring actresses.
This is like Ford saying the Fiesta is better than a BMW M3 because it has a bigger glove compartment. 
Wouldn't be surprised if those displays in the store play targeted ads. "Cialis can do wonders..." when a 46-year-old white male walks in.
Yes, these are the same issues that plagued the original iMac: new technologies and high price. And sales were meager. Wait, what?
Is there a remote possibility of Apple doing a "One more thing...", and that one more thing being >1 day of battery life?
With 8.2, I'd be happy with 0 new features and 8,000 bug fixes.
Imagine the awards the AW will get when people can physically touch one?! 
Google: Where the eighth time's always a charm.
No different than Somali pirates. What a gig. This douchebag is probably currently getting bottle service at Marquee in Vegas, snorting coke and bagging hot chicks, as he rams our patent system from behind with extreme vengeance.
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