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There's a lot of hope resting on the word 'could' in this article's headline. You guys get way too 'hard' reading patents.
If Flash is the only metric the competition is using to make its case against the iPad, then god help them. If Google releases a wooden box with a sundial on top THAT RUNS FLASH, they'll be touting how much better it is than an iPad. Reminds me of the days when critics thought the iPhone sucked because of its lack of cut-and-paste, one measly feature.
This entire article could've been condensed by making the headline read, "Internet Explorer web browser use drops below 60% because Internet Explorer sucks."
Having a closed ecosystem is not an issue if an amusement park lives within it.
I think Adobe doesn't take into account UI integrity. They could care less that 20 Adobe cross-platform apps across multiple platforms all have different UI guidelines, none of them adhering to Apple's HIG. Why would I not care about that? In one app I could get a Windows UI; Amiga in yet another; BeOS in another, and so on. The only common thread would be the Flash runtime on the iPhone. In fact, you could eschew the App Store altogether; all one would need is one...
Thirded. Of all the patent-related stories, which have us salivating at things that'll never see the light of day, this one has the most promise, IMHO. Rather than just the default backlight color, it would be even cooler if they could use colors.
It looks like they took the iPhone UI and simply changed the font.
Here's one:Hmm, if Apple owns ARM that means other companies can't license their technology. Right?
If Apple were to allow Flash on the iPhone, nobody would ever download a game from the App Store ever again. Launch the Flash app, navigate to a Flash-based game, and never have to buy a game again. So, in theory, you would only need one app to play a thousand games instead of download a thousand games from the App Store. Seems like a pretty smart decision if you run a company who happens to want to turn a profit for its shareholders.
New Posts  All Forums: