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The iSlate, as it were, will dominate the market for a few months. The competition will then (sort of) catch up. Why? Because Apple introduces advanced manufacturing and engineering techniques no other vendors adopt until, of course, they decide to try to catch Apple. The vendors Apple uses for contract manufacturing, after being schooled in the new manufacturing technologies learned from Apple, then apply their newfound knowledge to other vendors' products....
4.0? How about 3.5 now?
The last 3 items I'm sure they delivered on, but the first one is way out of their league.
I don't know much about the displays the Kindle uses compared to a standard LCD screen (as found in the iPhone), but couldn't one potentially be able to display both types of images? In regular view mode, it's a large iPhone. Color graphics, etc. Change it to e-ink mode and the backlight turns off (or goes ultra-low power) and the screen goes to black and white (or gray). (Although white text on a black background would suck.) Anyway, a hybrid display could exist...
Too bad "studies" like these only apply to a given day, nay, hour, as young adults' attention spans last about as long as a French war. To wit: Blink 182 was the best band of July 23, 2006, in the 2 to 3 p.m. (PST) time range. Come here tomorrow when the Hyacinth Turbo 10KX will be the hottest phone du heures.
This is good news for AT&T. Yet another media-hungry phone on their network. I am sure they will love that! I'm sure this will also bode well for us AT&T iPhone users who are already used to slow-asssssss network speeds. With another hungry passenger on board, I doubt it's going to get better anytime soon. That is, unless AT&T prevents the Google Phone from boarding their network train.
Why no mention of TuneKit? I'm sure they'll have a similar version for books. (BooKit?)
Look, I'm gonna cut to the chase here: Most of the p0rn pages I frequent don't display correctly in Chrome. End of story. (Bangbus seems to work okay, however.)
Can someone verify this? Why would it be out of the question? Are field trials assumed to occur in the US and the US only? What about the Australian outback?
This dance routine was cool for the first 30 seconds, but, after that, people start tuning out and become slightly uncomfortable. It's like dance Nazis--people who are completely and totally convinced that everyone else, like them, loves to dance and makes it their business to drag everyone out onto the dance floor.
New Posts  All Forums: