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In related news, Mossberg knocks the Ferrari 599 GTO for being expensive compared to a Kia Sephia, although he prefers the performance of the Ferrari.
"Mr. Smith, we are providing you with prototype APIs that will enable this app to realize its full potential. These APIs will enable your iFart app to access the never before published capabilities of the embedded DSP to allow your app to generate Dolby 9.1 surround."
Only 17 buttons?! Sony's learning!
What's next? Apple developed the SR-71 Blackbird?
In related news, NEC mad at Apple for not using the VESA standard.
Looks like Paul Allen is in need of money to buy yet another flailing sports franchise, seeing as how his Microsoft stocks have sunk like a diving bell.
I hear that Macs will be shipped with a blank hard drive and a coupon for the latest version of Mac OS X that can be picked up at any local Apple store (while supplies last).
Didn't Larry Ellison give Steve props during antennagate? I know a nice little coffee shop in downtown Palo Alto where they could meet.
I stopped reading the article at "...digital stylus pen." In related news: Digging up my US Robotics Palm Pilot, circa 1997.
HP has a touchscreen desktop computer and it's amazing. I am shocked Apple has decided to not follow HP into this segment. I spoke to the only guy whp owns one in Florida and he says he loves it, and would buy another one if he could only find it.
New Posts  All Forums: