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I knew it was too good to be true. I woke up this morning, checked my App Store app reservation, which I made last week, and, lo and behold, it's no longer there. I logged into Apple Concierge page for the Apple Store in which I made my reservation as well--gone, GONE. I am now wary of walking into the Apple Store tonight only to be told to get in the Purchases line, which will definitely be empty as I'm sure non-reserved iPhones will be sold out. I have the...
You definitely contradict your username. Thanks for helping!
Let's clear the air right now: iOS 4 on iPhone 3G sucks. How do I revert?
Bullshit. Prove it to me by meeting in the dark alley behind the Blue Oyster Bar tonight at 11 p.m. so I can see it for myself. Don't mind my two friends.
Let me see if I read this right: People checking for their deliveries slowed down the FedEx site?!
I should buy two, have them both up to my ears, and prance around local Apple Stores as others try to buy theirs, unsuccessfully.
I ordered mine through the App Store app. It didn't feel like a "solid" reservation, though. The Ajax loading icon was active for about 10 seconds, but it just could be that they made the Ajax icon active for 10 seconds to make me think it actually logged into the reservation system and reserved a real phone, as opposed to giving me a reason to enter an Apple Store to buy accessories instead of picking up an actual phone.
You know when you're in line at the supermarket, with about 4-5 people in front of you. Then a new line opens up and the cashier yells, "I'll take who's next in line." The people in front of you rush to the new line, leaving you with a cashier who's all yours. That's why I'm sticking with AT&T. The Verizon line will open up, everyone will rush over, and then leave me as the only AT&T customer on its network. Imagine how fast my 3G will be!
Downloaded the App Store app this morning, fired it up, and reserved myself an iPhone for pickup on June 24 at 7 a.m. at the local Apple Store! Took me all of 5 minutes. (Would've been faster if I didn't play a game of Tetris after downloading the app!)
I agree. It's also sad to see a doctor stake his supposedly scientific (unless he's a chiropractor) claim on the distance someone holds a phone away from their face when being used."Well, if it's 12 inches, Jobs is lying. However, at 18 inches it can honestly be called a Retina Display. Apple needs to tell users to hold it 18 inches away from their face to match their marketing message. Any less than 18 inches and Jobs is a liar." As such, both this doctor and Jobs are...
New Posts  All Forums: