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Will the three people who use Blu-Ray please raise their hands?
Is anyone genuinely surprised that "sometime in November" actually meant November 30?
My hack involves waiting for the official release. (Now I know where all those people whining on Apple forums about their broken computer come from.)
You've just rendered AI forums useless!
How much will the ecosystem cost? I'll want more than 34 apps, 27 of which will probably be Solitaire.
I work and live in Silicon Valley and I see about 20 iPhones for every Android phone. At work, I don't know anyone who has an Android phone, yet I counted 37 that have an iPhone. I attend San Jose Sharks hockey games--I am a season ticket holder, in fact. While in my seat, during a stoppage in play and intermissions, people usually whip out their phones--I know because I can look down and over their shoulders. Again, I see about 20 iPhones, a Symbian phone here and...
Wow, how creative. Let's simply copy the look and feel of someone else's ad instead of coming up with an original, creative thought. Even better if Catherine Zeta-Jones appears and sticks the phone...
All of your security fears could easily be addressed. No need to get into them, but I thought such functionality would be cool and useful. "Here Johnny, take daddy's iPhone and go walk around the mall. I'll sit here with my iPad and keep an eye on you."
What about Find My iPhone multiple user functionality? I still find it funny that I can run Find My iPhone...on my iPhone. My wife also has Mobile Me and it would be cool if I could punch in her Apple ID to find out where she's at. (But she should add me to an approved finders' list on her end, however.) Such a feature would make that show 'Cheaters' much more appealing. And do away with having to hire a PI. Not that I would know.
I want to see bank account statements. I doubt shareholders smile when they see 100% market penetration and $0 gross profits.
New Posts  All Forums: