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If this is true...I just American Pie-d into a cake.
Pretty sickening, really. I have applied for patents before. You have to be ultra-specific in describing your invention. I have had to rewrite my application four times thus far, and am currently working on the fifth. I can assure you that my patent's title and description are a lot more informative than: "Alerting Users to Items of Current Interest." I mean, what the fuck is that? I throw a lemon at your house to let you know there is something cool on TV?...
I'll be at Microsoft's first retail store tonight doing the Electric Slide.
Around this time is when we should start comparing the PlayBook to the iPad 2, not today's iPad. {insert Jobs' Wayne Gretzky quote here}
Did any of you guys (and girls) watch the Lazaridis interview? The guy is completely incomprehensible and never answers any question directly--he is the Donald Rumsfeld of tech. Amazing how Jobs can directly answer questions about suicides at Foxconn, yet this jackwagon can't directly answer questions about hi-tech toys.
When they're comparing it to a Nokia phone running Symbian then, yes, the iPhone 4 consumes a lot of bandwidth. So, shouldn't the iPhone 4's data usage be the new baseline?
Italian guy in Seattle with a white iPhone claiming he is testing it for Apple. Oh man, there must a million of those guys for Apple to sift through. Call Bullshit on this one.
I was hoping for Santiago Calatrava. His aesthetic IMHO is more inline with Apple's.
Why the word 'silently'? Implies AI was expecting a media event announcing this move.
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