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I can't see an iPad being as thin as an iPhone. It'd be too thin for a device that big. Holding it for long periods of time would induce pain in the area between the thumb and pointing finger. The underside of the device wouldn't be able to rest on the entire surface of the palm, resting only on the tips of the four fingers, which would also act as a fulcrum with most of the opposing weight pushing up on the meaty part of the thumb/pointing finger junction. Try it....
Isn't the entire presentation supposed to be a surprise? So, shouldn't the entire event be called, "Oh, and one thing..."
Given Apple's track record, it'd behoove the publishers to sit and listen, and not talk too much. They shouldn't throw out the baby with the bath water; pennies on the dollar is probably more than they'd make selling magazines and papers in the next decade.
Imagine it accepting the entire palm as a gesture?! On second thought, I think x-rated apps will remain verboten.
"out of control" is always positive unless uttered in a psych ward.
It seems that the needs of developers and consumers are completely different. Developers, if they can, want an App Store approval process of 0 seconds. That means quicker access to the Brinks truck full of money. Consumers, on the other hand, want a process that protects them from rogue applications that jeopardize the privacy and integrity of their phone.
These salacious little tidbits, though seemingly minor, are more believable than the over-the-top rumors we're used to reading. RFID swipe support could be a game changer, although such technology is not available in mass quantity at the retailer level. Maybe Apple could subsidize devices for all retailers. At the very least, they'd have their beta device in their new stores.
This observation isn't overly original or thought-provoking, but what if the January 27 event is used to introduce a super new iPhone? Just a thought.
"...believed..."? In the amount of time the 3GS has been out, you mean to tell me that no one can confirm that it's an SGX535? I know Apple is secretive, but they're now able to put a Distortion Field around their hardware. Amazing!
Now waiting for Microsoft's announcement that it will also have trees in its stores, but theirs will have SWINGING MONKEYS.
New Posts  All Forums: