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Is there any project there that isn't? I heard he rejected the Battery Charger 27 times before its release because he didn't like the way it felt when you inserted the plug into the outlet. He felt it slid in too easily; he wanted something akin to the solid, positive feel of a button in a German car as opposed to the vague, loose feeling of ones in American cars.
No. Chuck Dick President of the American Book Publishers Union to Promote Killing Trees to Print More Books To Gouge College Students
Imagine if Ballmer/Microsoft went incommunicado and emerged 6 months later with a kickass product. Imagine if they didn't comment on unannounced products. Imagine if they didn't cozy up with partners on stage to show products they might or might not make within 83 years. Imagine if they simply released stuff when it was done and ready to go, and then let the product speak for itself. (flick your lighters on) Imagine all the people...
In related news, lighter close to gasoline causes explosion.
How many iterations of good/bad hardware coupled with good/bad software can a company have before they get it? Hmmm, the software sucked, but the hardware was good. Wait, let's work on the software and then do crappy hardware. Oh, hold on, how about...wait a minute, put out a press release about how we'll get it right in Rev. B.
How many more arms and legs can a Black Knight have?
Great. \ Ships: Aug 27 Delivers Sep 1 by Standard Shipping
That's it, Apple is hiding something. Proof of this is I heard about one guy in southeastern Wyoming who had to wait an extra 0.8 seconds for his home screen to be displayed after unlocking (using the unlock slider on the unlock screen) his phone. To make matters worse, when he launched an app the swoosh animation from the springboard lagged by 0.32 seconds; he has video proving this defect. Apple is hiding something. They need to fess up, either through another press...
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Well, it's evident the guy's adept at "climbing" the ladder: He has a Prana shirt on. Prana is a clothing maker heavily associated with the rock climbing crowd. Shit, in fact, he might even own the company given the compensation he's getting.
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