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I'm a developer and am salivating at the prospect of having to write for 724 different form factors and OS's for Dell's upcoming devices. Can you say CHA-CHING!
Wonder why it's black. Wouldn't a clear strip effectively achieve the same color?
We don't work here in the US. We play. At least I do. I work in the bicycle industry. Definitely getting a Playbook for business use!
Nuclear reactor UIs are very, very nice.
FU WB: Your shows suck anyway. When you have the balls and vision to put out something as good as "The Sopranos", "Entourage", "The Wire", or "Boardwalk Empire," then maybe I'll support your farcical company, which relies on pumping out crappy remakes of movies that were crappy to begin with.
Interesting timing of this release...
God forbid someone take the current state of today's crappy online advertising and give it some pep. Even if Apple is wrong, it's annoying to read other companies talking what their competitors should and shouldn't do when they're not doing jack-shit themselves.
Are you fucking kidding me? Is this a company, or a group of band nerds who gather everyday near the cafeteria at lunchtime? Who comes up with this shit? The same assbag who came up with the Windows Store dance routine quagmire?
The 259M figure needs to sub-divided into the multitude of Android versions. A developer writing an Android app won't be able to launch his app to 259M devices, whereas an App Store developer gets 130M recipients right off the bat.
Great, the Asian Steve Ballmer. Just shut up and make something that doesn't suck ass.
New Posts  All Forums: