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Why does the iPhone screenshot show a Flash ad running? The ad ("A phone is only as good") in the upper left corner is a Flash ad on AppleInsider. Always. Right? But I can't explain why it's running in 2.1. On my iPhone running 2.1, I get the little question mark box in the middle.
And to think that the iPhone is having issues even when its OS comes from a single closed source, and its applications are screened. I can't wait to have some a hacker in his mom's basement have the unfettered ability to have his p0rn application available to millions of Android users without checks or balances. Can't wait for the open source car. Reliability and safety? Haha.
This whole "ecosystem" thing seems to be a veiled attempt by the content owners to further monetize every possible usage scenario. By "locker," they mean "cash register," where users go to pay for different levels of usage. Burn to DVD? $5. Transfer to TiVo? $10. Interoperability at a price.
Just watch Tom Cruise in "Minority Report" and you get a sense of where this is going. Seriously. If you thought that what you saw was not awesome, raise your hand. Not a single hand goes up!
Is this doublespeak for precluding them from providing any semblance of support? And we all know how long Google apps remain beta. *cough* GMail *cough*
On a related note, has anyone ever heard of Bill Gates/Steve Ballmer personally responding to flaws in Windows? I know they'd eventually run out of time on Earth in responding to what I am sure would be a cavalcade of submissions, but the fact that Jobs is actually doing the responding could only mean that a host of Apple employees have been axed from their respective positions, and that Jobs has assumed their roles until these iPhone issues are resolved.
Adobe CS3 still unexpectedly quits. All the time. Please fix.
No. The hipster version would be Postal Service blue with splashes of magenta and argyle, with a hint of paisley. Then covered with a big, fat THREADLESS sticker.
Let's call them for what they are: A very disorganized, inept company with a bunch of buffoons at the top--and bottom--and everywhere in between. You don't see other companies--namely, Apple--making these mistakes. "Sorry, we prematurely announced the iTablet. A janitor at one of our Apple Stores is to blame," said an indignant Steve Jobs, Apple's CEO. Calling AT&T right now to cancel my service. Written words on a forum don't do anything if it's not followed by an...
Wow, look at the analog volume slider on that iPod!
New Posts  All Forums: