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In the wise words of the Wu-Tang Clan: C.R.E.A.M. Cash Rules Everything Around Me
Wouldn't cars work much better and be of higher quality if buyers were allowed to pick their own parts? Battery by this company; doors by that one; engine by another. It's cool that Android runs on myriad hardware platforms. That's much better than a piece of software designed to work on spec hardware, like the iPhone. If you look at Windows PCs, for example, their quality is impeccable because there are so many different hardware configurations, and the...
Remember that fat jerk-off kid in your high school that nobody liked, but who was still arrogant, smug, and...well, he was still fat. And still a jerk-off.
Apple needs to allow applications to run in the background so that I have another reason to complain about its battery life. Next thing you know we'll all be complaining about how crappy the iPhone battery is when running the Power A Light Bulb app all day.
Was a graphic too difficult to include in the writeup?
It seems most exploding device stories come from Europe. Something to do with different voltage/frequency (220) perhaps?
Throwing in the "Planet Earth" Blu-Ray into my player right now, and going straight to the Snow Leopard scene!
Agreed. Furthermore, when the user "drags" the Note app, it's slightly delayed--because he's using his other hand to drag the app with his finger on the portable's trackpad. As such, it's not in sync.
Wow, I cannot wait to see what the record companies come up with, given that they have an excellent track record of adopting new technology. I'm sure that whatever they come up with will be riddled with DRM that makes FairPlay look like the clasp on a 1980's lunchbox. I wouldn't doubt if they team with Sony to create the DRM, since they're adept at providing DRM solutions that are invisible to the end user.
An artist's rendering is created by selecting the iPhone image in Photoshop and click-dragging a corner handle? Artist rendering my ass.
New Posts  All Forums: