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But what I want to spell it 'iTunz'?
Why would I want Ping to sniff my entire hard drive's worth of music, bringing my computer to a crawl? To the contrary, I'm sure he'd be whining about privacy if his request was realized. Feel sorry for Apple. Damned if they do, damned if they don't. Ping is out for 23 minutes and people are bitching about how there aren't any musicians and/or people to follow!
Why are Bluetooth remote controls a rare specimen? My dog walks in front of the entertainment center and renders my remote unusable. PS3 and Wii have it; why can't other devices, especially this new Apple TV?
Assuming any of this crap is true, why would Steve Jobs replace a hobby device with yet another device he deems won't be a big hit? How in the world does that add up to anything other than a bored Bloomberg writer short-selling his Apple stock owned by distant family member? This guy needs to change the bearings on his Magic 8-Ball, and return to his ongoing Magic the Gathering game with his roommates.
Watch this video and replace 'Sony' with 'Acer'. Can't wait to see their POC.
Unlike people scouring Apple's job postings to develop theories about upcoming products.
Of all the shit that engineers can do, they can't mask the model number so that devices can't sniffed out? If they use the "iPod 1,1," "iPod 2,1" and "iPod 3,1," formats, why not just turn them into "iPod x,y," "iPad x,y" and "iProd x,y," so that no one can even deduce that there's a newer model of a current product? Claiming that we should know that Apple is always working on a newer model of something is not a good argument. If that were the case, they'd answer, "Yes,...
How about simple multi-user support for the iPad first. After we get that feature--if we ever do--then we can start talking about Star Trek-level shit.
\ I know Jobs has a shitload of money, but I'm pretty sure his neighbors aren't hurting financially either. "I heard you're going to demolish your garden shed. Can you please give it to me? Oh, and help me pay for moving it."
I don't think Apple would release one end of a technology without the other end being ready. FaceTime is a perfect example, in which Apple didn't just arbitrarily throw a front-facing camera on the phone without the accompanying software being ready. Maybe Apple provides the POP hardware and/or software to retailers that works with the new iPhone. I doubt they'd just throw the NFC-enable iPhones into the wild and hope everything sorts itself out.
New Posts  All Forums: