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Oh lord. "192kHz/24-bit" My dog loves this, but my human ears can't hear the expanded dynamic range 24-bit music offers over 16-bit. Do what you want to make yourself feel better; if listening to lossless audio files makes you happy, then it did its job. But never kid yourself into thinking you didn't take a sip of snake oil. Thank you, Mr. Young. I'll still wave when I see you driving around the mountain roads near La Honda.
Holy crap, this is a great app. Connected my company's Exchange server, as well as my personal Gmail and iCloud accounts successfully, and the interface is very gorgeous and intuitive.    Kudos, Microsoft. 
The screenshots accompanying this article confound me. An iPhone running an FCC Speed Test app (FCC is an American entity) on the vodafone UK network's "closest target" is New York?
Yea, this was mentioned at the end of Apple's earnings call. Some analysts warned investors that this might put a drag on Apple stock's upside in the next 12-96 months, and urged their clients to sell their APPL holdings immediately. Another group of analysts predicted that Samsung and Al's Home Furnishings in southern Nebraska might move into this space and give Apple a run for its money in the developer portal arena.    Caveat emptor, indeed. 
Analysts will be bearish on sluggish aftermarket AC adapter sales.
"and found disfavor with Microsoft by announcing an exploit two days before the Redmond giant was due to issue a patch." Well, that could have been prevented had you released the patch the day before, now wouldn't it have, Microsoft?
I wish the headline read, "Apple's fifth beta of OS X Yosemite 10.10.2 continues focus on WiFi, WiFi & WiFi."
I don't know, man. I am of the belief that what the NSA/DOD/FBI/CIA cartel is capable of is light years ahead of what can be done in the private sector. I know Google/Apple have bright people, but they don't have the lawlessness and resources of the military/government. Apple is most likely telling the truth, but you can't prove a negative. Of course they're going to come out and say, "Our phones do not have a back door." But can you say that with 100% certainty? The only...
I totally agree with this. It's aggravating, because a lot of the issues that have manifested themselves as real issues are hard to pin down and describe. Does anyone know the 53 steps they performed before an app crashed? Often times, the issue starts its downward slide at step 4 but only makes itself visible to the user at step 53, making troubleshooting anything but impossible. Apple and company are in the clear on this because anyone who comes in and says, "Safari...
A guy I know is friends with a supply chain guy in Turkmenistan who said that Apple plans to build Apple Watch Kiosks, separate from the Apple Store. These would be located inside airport terminals, posh fashion areas in major cities, and also one in Omaha, Nebraska.
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