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Tim is a US citizen and voter in the US. Not in China.
It must be the bank. My Apple Pay runs through my Bank of America card.  Yours? 
I used it at Whole Foods and had to enter my PIN and sign the touchscreen with the touchpen. However, I am certain these extraneous requirements are imposed by everyone in the payment processing chain, except Apple.
The design of the decals is not reassuring. As a market analyst who works with Gene Munster, I must inform my clients to unload all of their APPL holdings due to the font size and rounded corners of the Apple Pay decals/stickers. 
Might have everything to do with Cook's calm, reserved demeanor. Imagine a swashbuckling Texan-American Apple CEO coming in, dropping folksy aphorisms ("Well, ain't you a fluffy tail on a Houston bunny!") and asking Angela, "Are you a drinking woman, Angie? Can I call you Angie?! Because Eddy, Craig and I are gonna drop bombs down at BJs after work. Haha, I said BJ! Care to join us for some spotted dick!?! Haha, spotted dick, don't all y'all eat that crap in Britain?!...
"A8X chip found in the iPad Air 2 is capable of near PlayStation 3 level graphics" I take your A8X and raise you an A9. Why not?
Press interpretation: "Model Christy Turlington Burns claims Apple Watch is complicated, cites 'many complications' on the Watch."
Man, that office-left-untouched part creeped me out.
Little mix of all.  You obviously have never seen an Apple keynote then if what I wrote doesn't make your truth bone tingle even slightly, what with the dearth of anyone other than white men on the boards and executive ranks of most Silicon Valley companies. If you want to dodge discussing that to attack my "racist, sexist, ableist, mentally defective" post, go for it, and be like the rest of Silicon Valley in ignoring the white male (ooops, I mean female...
"At least two of the people in the photo also appear in a group picture taken..." Let me guess: the two WHITE MEN. Surely, the women must be models/aspiring actresses.
New Posts  All Forums: