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 Prove it. I want to see scanned and notarized copies of emails, with timestamps.  On a related note, I correctly predicted the closing price of AAPL stock correctly for the last 17 years. 100%. Trust me, it's true. 
I didn't hear the call, but I am willing to wager $10,000 that Tim Cook, at some point, said, "We have great new products that we just can't wait to introduce this year. We are really excited about what we've been working on. For example, we are about to release the most exciting update our AC adapters have ever seen."
It was a good run while it lasted. So, what do you think analysts? Apple bought out by Sony? Google? Split up into smaller companies? Something needs to happen, preferably by Friday.
Hmm, I am disillusioned by iPhone, so I am going to switch to an Android phone made by a company whose antics resemble those of my 6-year-old son's playground shenanigans. Um, right. I'd go straight to HTC/Microsoft/BB before switching to these juvenile imbeciles of a company. I thought competitor defaming such as this was reserved for used car dealerships in the south running those Cal Worthington-style commercials.
Hi, I'm a professional analyst. I have done my research and found out that Android updates its map information every day 2:50 a.m. Eastern time. I am thus recommending to my clients that they sell their AAPL positions, and buy Google stock. Apple's reluctance to move up their map information update time is a sign that they are following, not leading.
Hear that? That's the sound of all the people re-downloading FCP X after bailing to Premiere when FCP X 10.0 didn't have all the features that FCS 7 had.
 It's not mutually exclusive. To wit, I think what Apple does is valiant and noble and very important...and Bono is a twit. 
Nice job Bono, bite the hand that feeds. Maybe Apple should provide potatoes instead (pun very much intended).
Looking forward to the HomeKit hacks. "Why has the Smith's garage door been opening and closing non-stop the entire week they've been on vacation?"
Someone please hack Richtel's and Chen's stock trading accounts to see how many shares of APPL these guys own. I'm sure none of us will be surprised at the results.
New Posts  All Forums: