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Okay, fine, Samsung is winning, whatever that means. But it's annoying when they act like teenage girls with their advertising and corporate messaging, like a bunch of 12-year old whining little bitches complaining about how "Aubrey stole Jessica's boyfriend and then she told Steven that he was going to the Bieber concert with Ashley who then went to One Direction with Aidan instead!"
Am I missing something or is there an iBeacon hardware device involved, or just Apple AE routers?
"...We have unbelievable potential in front of us..." A lot of things/people/companies have POTENTIAL. What a lot of those same things don't have is KINETIC energy. Talk talk talk...
In related news, journalists/pundits/critics/analysts point out that "Over 47% of iOS devices not running iOS 7. We recommend that you SELL your APPL stock based on this unfortunate development."
Seriously?! Forget it, I'm buying a Dell instead. Because being able to take apart a high-tech device with no user-serviceable parts inside is the first think I inquire about when I walk into Chuck's Computer & Oil Change.
I got a $50,000 bonus at work today. I told them to keep it since it was "bad news."
With all the hubbub about the Clock icon not displaying the actual time (it now does in iOS 7), where is similar outrage over the static Compass icon? What with the new M7, this should one of those details Apple is famous for not overlooking. Right?
"It has a current estimated value of $1.5 million." Gotta love the Bay Area. I have a lot of friends who have relocated here from and are shocked, floored, and flabbergasted, when they go out house hunting. They come from areas where the home above would cost $150,000, not $1,500,000, and would be torn down immediately to make way for a new one.
Hi, I'm a professional analyst and tech pundit. Based on this bug, I am downgrading AAPL stock to $80 and SELL. I predict Apple will go bankrupt next week and Samsung will overtake them based solely on the fallout from this egregious bug. It means Tim Cook can't code as well as Jobs could. Jobs would've caught this bug in testing and fixed it himself. Edit: Added tag, as someone seems to have taken this seriously.
Um, because they make their own OS, not borrow someone else's. Maybe Tizen will work for you guys, you know, your own blood, sweat, and tears that build it, as opposed to throwing on a few sprinkles and flourishes on the Mountain View product.
New Posts  All Forums: