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This is like Ford saying the Fiesta is better than a BMW M3 because it has a bigger glove compartment. 
Wouldn't be surprised if those displays in the store play targeted ads. "Cialis can do wonders..." when a 46-year-old white male walks in.
Yes, these are the same issues that plagued the original iMac: new technologies and high price. And sales were meager. Wait, what?
Is there a remote possibility of Apple doing a "One more thing...", and that one more thing being >1 day of battery life?
With 8.2, I'd be happy with 0 new features and 8,000 bug fixes.
Imagine the awards the AW will get when people can physically touch one?! 
Google: Where the eighth time's always a charm.
No different than Somali pirates. What a gig. This douchebag is probably currently getting bottle service at Marquee in Vegas, snorting coke and bagging hot chicks, as he rams our patent system from behind with extreme vengeance.
I sure hope this event starts out with highly detailed technical information about updates to iOS and OS X.    Enter Tim Cook.    "Good morning, everyone! Glad you could be here. I am very excited to talk about some really awesome things we have in store for you. So let's begin with the kernel used in iOS and OS X Yosemite. You see, the microprocessor architecture uses what's called a writeahead buffer that concatenates..." 
This is useless without a timeline. When he's wrong for the next 50 years, and right on the 51st he can then say, "See, I told you I was right." To quote Chuck Palahniuk (Fight Club): "On a long enough time line, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero."
New Posts  All Forums: