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If you go to Settings > General > About, a dialog is displayed stating the update was applied.
@rob55 This isn't a machine that I would except to get basement discount deals on. If you're in need of this machine, a low price is nowhere on your spec list. I can already see the chorus of boos from the peanut gallery complaining about the impending MSRP. And I'm sure 99% of those will be broke-ass college students wishing they could own one of these, not industry pros.
Ive needs to poll pundits and industry analysts, and get 100% quorum before iOS 7 is released. He also needs not a single soul not to hate the new Safari icon; he heard one dude in south Nebraska doesn't care for it as it "looks like a bison's ass after it's been bit by a dirigible," and is flying out there to speak with him. Ive cares very much about what armchair analysts and basement graphic designers with a Wordpress account think. He wants to impress them mostly.
@gwmac We're in California, not Bangladesh. The codes here are pretty strict. I doubt anyone Palo Alto code inspectors received a handout to signoff on a permit.
Who's on WWDC Moscone Center Banner Photos Detail?
To be released in 12 days: Microsoft Surface commercial showing a doctor in need of PowerPoint on his iPad, throwing it in a can, then grabbing a Surface to show patient, "10 Things You Need To Do To Get Your Cholesterol in Check" slideshow, all while also checking his e-mail! A doctor can't do THAT on an iPad!
I don't think price was a barrier to entry for this POS OS. 
I've got a proposal: An entity (especially a patent hoarding entity) has 3 years after a patent is filed to show the world they're actively pursuing said project, and not just tucking away the patent filing in a drawer, waiting until someone else actually creates same product. If you have nothing after 3 years, the provisional patent goes away. You can't re-file for 6 months, in which time another entity can come in and file their own provisional patent application....
Must be a Microsoft announcement if one the touted specs mentions "5 billion transistors."
"We should have brought in here today a giant mirror, so that we can look at the reflection of Congress, because this problem is created by the awful tax code," he [Rand Paul] said." End of story.
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