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That's my question too.  If I'm just buying an unlocked phone and paying full price up front why do I need to provide carrier information?
Bill Gates dedicates his energy and billions to The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.   Ballmer buys the Clippers.  You are who you are.   UPDATE:  Man, it's been a long time since I posted on AI.  Meant to add this to the Ballmer article thread, started my own thread.  Apologies.
Airplay speaker?
The iPad came out in 2010. Still no Flickr app?
Agreed. It's hard to take the article seriously when this isn't mentioned. A year after Flyover and major markets in the USA still don't have it. Are they still mapping new cities or is Flyover dead?
I was in Ireland last month. Instead of setting up my AT&T iPhone for international roaming I brought an old unlocked iPhone 4 with me. Walked into an o2 store, slid 20 euro across the counter, they slid me a sim. Done. That gave me a local number, voice minutes, text messages, and 1gb of data. No 4g, but I hardly noticed. Maybe it's that simple here, is it? AT&T's early tier offerings were ludicrous. Making people buy way more data than they needed because there...
I'm surprised they haven't started competing with Sonos. Among other reasons wireless speakers are a product many people would buy more than one of. Airplay begs for it. So what's the obstacle?
Needs group addressing.
Hard to take Thurrott seriously after he criticized the iPad for having such a good display that it required more available storage space than competing devices. See below: "But the other issue is that the iPad suffers from a very strange problem. Its Retina display, at a whopping, bigger-than-HD 2048-by-1536 resolution, is, in my mind, unnecessarily vast. It requires apps to include gigantic graphic resources which have exploded the sizes of apps. It%u2019s kind of a...
I always liked the little bouncing bars view you could toggle into.  Looks like they're gone.
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