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My phone has no scratch at all. It has an apple leather cover and always carry my phone alone in my jeans left pocket. It has fallen to the bare floor. Tossed away by my daughter and even bitten by my chihuaha. I am really happy with my iPhone 6 and not a single scratch yet.
errr, thats not fair for man... wth... where is our semen freezing fertility program.... LoL
Funny, "oppressive and burdensome." It is thanks to Apple they have all that hardware and the tax break in Arizona. Now they want to keep the furnaces and last production to the highest bidder? I think Apple got outsmarted here. The CEO of GT sold his stake of shares well ahead. So it was planned from long time ago. It will get ugly down the road. So much for creating jobs in USA...
I guess if they go with AMD then we should expect a R7 265 on the basic with 2gb and then on the top with a R9 270x/275x also with 2gb and an option for the R9 290x with 4gb... If they keep the present GPU layout. Will be a nice iMac no matter what it has.
If they signed a contract where they resign their right to use devices, clothes, etc to protect brand endorsement to the team... they can say bye bye to the iPhones, Beats, iPads, etc. But if not..  Ballmer is screwed! What will be next? fans can no longer enter the stadium if they have one of those devices? Its exaggerated but is Ballmer who we are taking about...  lol
He can rule out Apple devices use by the team in coaching, logistics and operations but can't ask players to not use their devices. That will be against their rights. I will just wait for the first player to be fired and he counters back with an uber sue. Like a few above said; Ballmer is an azzOL.
    Really!!!   Access Denied You don't have permission to access "http://www.apple.com/live/" on this server. Reference #18.1b41f648.1410283017.2597b16
It did not worked on my mac. 1. It never connected to their severs (did not became accessible) 2. Failed to logged in on my mac 3. Stalled my internet connection/safari so no tab that i had open could refresh or go to another page. 4. Anytime that i tried to force quit it using activity monitor.. it created another process. 5. Its not free, it says is a trial that ends July first in you installed today 6/17/2014
To me looks like Honan got a friend to pretend to be him, let him know the answers and trick the tech support to do all that stuff and then come as a victim and generate some attention... Look at his tweets.. he is not anger at all, like he doesn't care about his lost of data..  Anyone else would had the blood pressure up high, it would be totally normal to be angry. But Honan is not.. Then, the use of the word "hacker" exaggerated... yes... Guy didn't hacked that...
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