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Decent battery life - especially if using as an e-reader
I'm aware of that - just seeing if this is an issue for others?
Anyone else having PDF problems - doesn't load them & crashes the whole program, not just the open tab. This is worse that the previous non-beta (? alpha) version
Just bought the SSD MBA & love it - was using a 17" MBP prior to that but decided to swap to MBA & iMac. Can't believe how much I like the MBA - screen is great & not really missing the real estate as much as I thought I would. Had a 12" PB in the past & the small screen in that irritated me! The 17" MBP seems really big, clunky & old fashioned when I use it now!
Hi Guys, Just got myself a MBA - really pleased with it. However, I am unable to sync my Calendars from .Mac. Works on my MBP fine. Everything else syncs normally. When I try I get the message Calendars could not be synced due to inconsistent data Confirm that your computer's data is valid, then reset Calendars on .Mac in System Preferences. Any ideas? Thanks
Think the 2001 reference is to the machine that is getting replaced!
I don't care what the innards are like & if they are 20 year old designs. The use of the iPhone is what matters to me & it is vastly superior to all the many Nokia's & SE phones that I have had - 3G ones included The functionality of the iPhone is perfect for me - faster downloads would be nice, bit doesn't affect my enjoyment & looking at internet sites is soo much better than with other phones that I am really pleased with it. This coupled with the integration with my...
Blacks on all the iPhones I have seen are fine. There is more to good blacks than contrast ratio & the figures bear little relationship to actual picture quality - though not seen an OLED screen in the flesh. Screen quality is one of the real positives of the iPhone & something most people are really impressed with.
I think Apple want to concentrate on laptops - watched the keynote when the 12" & 17" PBs were announced - SJ was saying then that laptops would soon outsell desktops & that is where he wanted to be & wanted to be ahead of the competitors - he has been proved correct in this. Consumers are buying more & more laptops & Apples advantage is showing in market share now. Apple won't spend precious time & resources on a mid-range Mac for this reason IMHO. Monitors may be...
Working ok for me
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