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Its a dual core CPU. I suspect that it'll be at 1.4 ghz most of the time as its pretty easy to saturate two cores these days.
The Atom in the Mototrola Razor I is a single core chip with hyperthreading. Link.   I think Intel are going to leap frog ARM in performance when the next version of Atom. It is supposedly going to be dual core and an Out of Order design. Heck if it is single core with hyperthreading and OoO I think it will surpass ARM.    I think people here are assuming a larger architectural advantage for RISC over CISC chips than actually exists these days. The over head that CISC...
If adding cores were all that is necessary to make the fastest computers, we'd all be using gpus to do our tasks. Its not that easy. Some tasks cannot be made parallel in code. Single core performance is still important. Just ask AMD. And I wouldn't be looking at AMD to get a glimpse of the future of computing. Just because they are throwing in with ARM doesn't make it a winner over x86 for server applications. They've been wrong before.
  I surprised you posted an Anandtech link to the iPhone 5 review to support your belief that ARM could be an acceptable chip for Macs.   Surely you noticed in the performance benchmarks how competitive the Atom cpu in the Motorola handset is? And by competitive I mean faster in several benchmarks.   People shouldn't be wondering when ARM will be power Macs. They should be wondering when Intel cpus will be in iOS devices. Later in 2013 Intel will be rolling out a major...
Extrapolations of ARM performance 5 years down the road are difficult.    What we know now, today, is that the latest ARM 15 dual core cpus clocked at 1.7 ghz are slower than Intel's 3 year old core 2 duos at a slightly slower clock speed.    And creative pros are always looking for more speed because that translates into greater productivity and more revenue.   When people say ARM will be "good enough" to replace Intel, thats code for "good enough" for consumer use. A...
Indeed. At Ars they reviewed the new Chromebook running on the latest and greatest ARM processor an A15. It was substantially slower than a MBA running on a 1.6 core 2 duo cpu.    If this rumor is true, it would also indicate to me that Apple are going to abandon the creative pro market. There is no way ARM will be competitive with Intel big iron for applications like Photoshop and video editing.
It was fun while it lasted.
AMD don't make their own chips anymore. Thats done by Global Foundries which is a separate chip fabricator like Taiwan Semi.   Buying AMD would be buying a chip designer. 
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