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FW was (past tense) good for fast external storage.    USB 3 will be take over for fast, cheap external storage. TB will have a niche for ultimate fast but expensive external storage, as well as other uses..   I don't see much of a future for FW.   Edited for clarity
  I don't need that feature at all (push email to iOS clients).    I think I'll wait for a few .x updates to ML and then decide if its worth it to upgrade my server os. Frankly SL server works just fine for me. 
I'm conflicted as to whether I should move from SL server to LIon server. There doesn't seem to be much advantage. But I'm glad to see ML server. Apple's commitment to OSX server has seemed a bit in question recently. I wouldn't be disappointed if they decoupled OSX client from server. I don't want to be upgrading my server OS every 12 months.
They've done it before. The iMac I'm typing this from has the NVIDIA 9400 IGP. Same as what was in the mini at that time.  The IGP becomes a tool to upsell to the $1200 iMac
Osirix is excellent. I have radiologist friends at the hospital that have Macs at home and feel that Osirix is as good as the Windows PACS software they use at the hospital. Its free so you ought to give it a test drive. I bet you'll be impressed by it.I don't know. I suspect that those vendors might just write a server version in Windows or Linux that the Mac clients could access the files to. This has a real downside for me as I currently do most of the administration...
What is it? Generally if the image is a JPEG file I attach it directly to the EHR file. But I would be interested in knowing the options available. I agree that Macs are gaining in popularity amongst US health care professionals. My billing software is MacPractice and I am under the impression that they have seen a steady and consistent increase in their business over the past few years that has corresponded with the general increase in Mac popularity over the last few...
No. I don't have a digital x-ray machine yet. Many don't integrate well with Mac systems. I am a specialist and get many x-rays sent to me electronically as jpeg files. These I just attach to the EHR. When I get imaging sent to me in another format I can usually, but not always, open it and view it using Osirix. Usually this imaging comes to me on DVDs. While others are hoping that the new iMacs come sans the optical drive, I hope they keep it. Its no a huge deal if they...
I use a dental billing and electronic medical record software that are both client/server packages.
There are small businesses that rely on OSX server. I am one of them. Yes they may be few in numbers but they support a larger group of Mac clients.
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