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While the definition of what is a pc is somewhat nebulous and your definition is just as valid as mine, I think your requirement that a pc be able to run arbitrary code is more a philosophical desire rather than a characteristic or feature that defines what constitutes a pc and what doesn't. Curated computing is the future of 2 of the 3 'pc' platforms. While Apple are likely to eventually limit all code that runs on Macs to App store applications, MS will not be far...
That's a fair point but humans and monkeys are both mammals.Thing is that pc users then use market penetration stats as a club to minimize the importance and influence of Macs. IMO, the iPad is a pc. I use a broader definition of the term than most: it has a cpu, an os and is able to run a broad variety of apps that the user can install that views, manipulates and modifies data. Whether you accept that definition or not I think its safe to say that the iPad, tablets in...
Explain what you mean by arbitrary native code. I'm not sure I understand what you mean.
So an ipad isn't a computer? Why?
Which iOS devices do you feel are not personal computers?
But isn't that just when they turbo boost for sort periods of time?
I read your link and it states that :"Intel's base idea is that it will lower energy consumption overall with its mobile processors. From 35-45W to 10-20W. This is made a lot easier with Ivy Bridge's new transistors and manufacturing technology, but at the same time Intel doesn't want to lose the top performance of its mobile chips. To counteract this Ivy Bridge will ship with a variable TDP (Thermal Design Power) where it has used a new generation Turbo technology to...
Maybe BD ought be competitive with what is currently offered by Intel. Sorry but BD is a turd. It smells like a turd and will sell like a turd. It would be great if AMD could return to the days when *they* wiped the floor with Intel products but that just isn't the case. Hoping it was so doesn't make it true. And Apple would be out of their mind to buy AMD. Their products are truly a poor match for where Apple are and will be in the future.
You made a good point without being an asshole. Nice job!
Good job of missing the point.
New Posts  All Forums: